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Sexy Lady

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

A long time after my adventure with Tyrone had ended, it seemed
useful to reconstruct the entire affair, to try to place it in
its proper perspective. I was uncertain that it could be done at
all, even less certain that it could be done truthfully and
objectively. But I resolved to try. After a number of false
starts, one version emerged which on examination seems reasonably
close to the truth. For what little it can teach you, you are
welcome to it.

Note that I describe it as an adventure rather than an affair.
Affairs I have had before, but never anything resembling this in
the slightest. No, adventure it is, or perhaps exploit or better
yet, escapade. Pick the description that pleases you best. But
whatever it was, a love affair it was not. (more…)

Body Aches

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

What a night Last night! Ouch! My whole body aches, but it’s
the kind of ache I crave. No work today, that’s for sure. I can
just imagine the shocked looks on the faces of the girls in the
office if they knew how I get my sexual pleasure. The reserved,
prim and proper public relations specialist, whom everyone thinks
is so delicate and sweet. I’m only 25-years old, beautiful, blonde,
with a great body and a high paying job. That’s why I can envision
those old cows in the office puking up their lunches if they knew
that my cunt floods like a burst dam whenever I have a fist shoved
up mu asshole. That’s right, I make no bones about what I am — The
Fist Fuck Queen of the Big Apple. The closer to the core of my
bowels, the riper I become! (more…)

You Are Hired

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Somebody — the manager? — comes over and squeezes my tits. And he

says, “You’re hired. How much do you want for three acts like that per


Beautiful Cock

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

He stands up and opens his pants. His cock looks beautiful. But I

don’t get to see it for long. He climbs up with me and over me on his

hands and knees. His legs push mine apart. His lips start sucking on

my tits. Then, he kisses me thoroughly on the mouth. I feel his cock

push deep inside me. The crowd is wild. “Go! Go! GO! GO! GO!” They

are shouting, as our hips push and buck and fuck. The music is very

loud in my ears, and I start my orgasm just as the music hits its peak.

I feel his hot cum spurt inside me at the same time. The music stops.

The cheering and foot stomping is deafening.

Lick My Clit

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

The cheers are pretty loud for such a small crowd. I love it. My date

has his face within reach. I kiss him, then swing around and, on hands

and knees, shove my ass in his face. He grabs my ass cheeks to hold me.

He sticks his tongue inside my pussy. Ooooooo. I flip over and bring

my knees way back. He leans over and starts licking my clit. And he

sticks a finger deep inside my pussy. The cheering is tremendous.

“Lock the Doors.” I hear someone say.