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My Kitten

Friday, February 29th, 2008

One day, there was a knock at the door,
“Who is it?” came the soft voice from inside.
“It’s me, Johnny” I replied.

You opened the door wearing a bulky sweater made of angora
red skirt and no had just gooten home from work
a few minutes earlier.
“Hi!” I said entering the door..”you sure look beat”
“come here..let me relax you!”
with that i took your hand and led you to the bderoom.

“Stand here” i asked and slowly started to undress you.
i removed the sweater hands running genlty
under neath it…up to your bra…stopping there for a minute..
must move up now as your nipples ar starting to harden..
“lift your arms please kitten” i breathed into your ear..
making the goose flesh stand up..

I slowly removed your bra..running my nails gently over your breats
and nipples feeling them harden with desire…you turned your head
to kiss me…your mouth open, inviting..tongue moist…
“slow down kitten….wait.” i breathed into your ear again,
just touching the outer edge with my tongue.

i run my hands down your sides to your hips….thumbs hooking
into to the top of your dress and your panties…pulling
them down..down past the moist mound of pubic hair…down
past your pussy lips…i stop to inhale your scent. (more…)


Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Janet couldn’t sleep.
It might have been the heat or it might have been her roommate’s snoring
coming through the paper thin wall or it might have been that her
shit-for-brains ex-boyfriend had walked out on her a week ago for the last
time. Not that she missed him. Much. It could have been any of those things.
But it wasn’t.
You see, she had this itch.
It was a very aggravating itch, and it made her restless. It was located
in a very special place, high up between her thighs. It was a very deep itch,
and would require very deep scratching. Of course, she could scratch it
herself, as she had done on several occasions before, but her restlessness
was reenforced by the sound of gentle snores from the room next to hers.
It would be oh so much better to have somebody scratch it for her.

Allen had always been a good friend of hers, but she had preferred to keep
it at a friendship level. When mutual financial circumstances had made
sharing an apartment seem like a very good idea, she had proclaimed to the
rafters that the ONLY thing they would share would be the bills. Allen had
agreed good-naturedly, as usual. For six months and more, it worked out just
fine. They respected each other’s privacy, always one managing to find
something to do elsewhere when the other brought home a date, etc. They grew
closer, almost like brother and sister. Consummating this relationship almost
seemed like breaking a taboo. (more…)

First Threesome

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Well, this is it! I finally convinced Sue that a threesome would be fun
& exciting! We decided to go out of town and find a good night spot, close to
a hotel.
We found a hotel with a great sounding night club about 100 miles from
home and checked in. After we got into our room, Sue started getting ready for
the evening. She put on her black garter and panties set, a knee length skirt
with a slit up one side, a tight fitting sweater, no bra and a pair of spiked
heels. She looked great!!
We headed down to the club, and I couldn’t help feel a sense of pride and
excitment at the looks she was getting from guys we passed on the way. After
we found a table and got some drinks, we started looking around the room for a
likely person to share our fantasy with. Sue spotted a good looking guy,
sitting alone at the bar, and asked what I thought of him. I said he looked
ok, and asked her if she wanted me to invite him over to our table. She said,
very nervously, OK. I went over and introduced myself, he said his name was
my wiaaawas wanting to dance, but I had hurt my back and she wondered if he
would like to dance. He said sure, he’d love to. (more…)

Singapore Affair

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

I heard the shower running and half-awoke, then fell back into
an exhausted sleep. The windows were gray with the first light of
dawn. But then I was again awakened. The windows weren’t much
brighter, but what woke me this time was wetness. To be precise,
June had brought a basic on soapy water and was using a washcloth
to clean my cock. (Remember where it had been last.) She was gentle
and attentive with my tender dick and oh, so meticulous. There was
still some soap film on my cock, but she took care of this. She
disappeared for a moment and when she returned, she was carrying a
bottle of white wine. She arranged a towel like a coffer dam around
my dick and abdomen and used the wine to rinse me. As raw as my
cock still was, the sensation stung and then tingled. (more…)