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Blonde tattooed babe

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
Blonde tattooed slut tries out
It was late as I had worked four hours at the office after normal closing time. I also stopped at my favorite pub and had two quick beers. I jumped on the Interstate to head home. About five miles down the road I thought the beers had gone to my head as it looked like I was seeing double. There along side the road were two ladies both blond, tall, and well built. As soon as they saw my car approaching they started waving like they were in trouble. I naturally, being the nice guy I am, pulled over to the side of the road. They both approached my window as I rolled down the glass. Sure enough they were twins. I could not have told them apart except for the clothes they were wearing. They introduced themselves as Sheri & Sandi and were they ever knock outs. As expected, they had car trouble and needed help. I checked their car and found there was nothing I could do to help the trouble. I offered to take them to a telephone or restaurant to try to get help. This pleased them and they both jumped into the front seat of my car. As we started off, Sheri reached into her purse and pulled out a flask and offered me a drink of Wild Turkey. I took a swallow as did the twins. It wasn't long after that things got crazy. Sandi reached over and kissed Sheri on the cheek and told her how much she loved her. Sheri seemed a little uneasy as she told Sandi not to say that in front of a stranger. Sandi said I wasn't a stranger anymore and reach over and kissed me. About that time I saw Sandi reach over and squeeze one of Sheri's large tits. I could see Sheri squirm and sort of push Sandi's hand away. That did not have any impact on Sandi as she quickly started to massage Sheri's other large tit.