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Friday, April 10th, 2009
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After entering the stall and locking the door, I learned why she picked that particular place. You see, the handicap stall is so nice and roomy that we could have an orgy in there and no one would be the wiser. She first took me by the hand and led me over to her. She was still sitting on the toilet and since she was somewhat of a nymph it was easy for her to take my rod in her mouth without straining. She started by licking the head of my throbbing rod. Around and around she went and now my moaning was so loud I was sure someone would hear me. Finally after teasing it with her tongue she looked up at me and I was out of it. So she buried her head between my legs and took the whole thing into her her mouth and deep into her throat.

Caught on date

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Kelly was tired after a very long day. Her office was empty except
for herself, and she was hoping to leave soon. Her company had been showing
new overseas clients around the office, so she was dressed up more than usual.

She was wearing a sharp black dress with silver accents. Her very
shapely legs were covered in tan stockings, which were held up by garters
at the top of them. Kelly always enjoyed wearing stockings like these,
especially since during the last two years her boss Martin has had her on her
back in the office more than once. She enjoyed a good midday fuck, and always
dressed to make it easier. She completed the outfit with 4″ black pumps and
a black body briefer underneath. (more…)

Licking his lips

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

let the rest of my robe slip off, and immediately he started to fondle my
breasts. I then laid him upon the floor and asked him if he knew how to use his
tongue besides licking his lips, in which he quickly turned me into a 69
position and started licking away. Oh yes! This boy was sweet, and I came and
came all over his young face. I could feel his own pressure building up inside
my mouth as I stroked him and sucked him at the same time. Finally, his body
trembled and he let at a low moan and gushed into my mouth. I quickly pulled it
out and stroked him faster until he came all over my soft tits. Both quite
satisfied he thanked me, put his clothes on, and left. The moral to this story?
Well, there’s nothing like a free pizza and a horny nympho

Sex Equipment

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

My car broke down on the highway during my commute home. I managed to
pull it over, got out, clipped my scanner on my belt, locked the car,
and began to hitch hike up the road for help. It was cloudy and cold,
threatening rain. I hoped I would get a ride soon. Maybe it was my suit
and the attache case I carried, the fact that I was standing next to a
disabled car. In any case, I got lucky. A car pulled over and stopped
about one hundred feet beyond me.

I ran up to it and thanked my benefactor as I opened the passenger door
and jumped in. “I really appreciate this.” I said. “Could you give me a
ride to the next exit with a service station?” “Sure” was all she said.
She signaled to traffic and pulled back onto the highway. After a few
seconds I had settled down after adjusting the scanner on my right side,
and took a real look at the driver. Exotic is the best word that came
to mind. She was strikingly pretty, long jet black hair, vaguely
oriental, perhaps of mixed race. She was also heavy, almost, but not
quite fat, with large breasts, a big buttocks, and strong looking calfs. (more…)

Husbands Bondage Affair

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

My wife was out of town for the week, which left me without
much to do besides watching TV or catching the basketball games
on the radio. So when rush hour hit, I headed to a nearby bar and
sat at the rail to check out the traffic, ordering a gin and tonic
to pass the time. It was an upscale crowd – yuppies, business men
like myself, you know the type.

As I swiveled my barstool around, getting a quick 360 of the
clientele, I realized there was a woman sitting next to me. A good-
looking brunette in a well tailored business suit. And unless I was
very much mistaken, she had been giving me the eye.

I turned around, and she was there all right, looking at me with
an expression I couldn’t quite fathom. “Rough day?,” she asked, and
I relaxed and moved into the “office work” routine with half my mind
while the other half tried to figure what she was looking for. She
was friendly enough, and I tuned back into our discussion just in
time to hear myself recommend a little Chinese place for dinner. (more…)

You Are Hired

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Somebody — the manager? — comes over and squeezes my tits. And he

says, “You’re hired. How much do you want for three acts like that per


Ice Cream Date

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Well, as I was saying we stayed on to the end of the line where it ended in a
park area. There was an ice cream stand there and he asked if he could treat
me to a dish of ice cream and I replied yes as I wanted to spend some time
with Clifford and get to know him better. After finishing the ice cream I
suggested a walk through the park as it was only midafternoon on this
beautiful spring day. As we walked we saw a rabbit and tried to chase it thus
going off the path into the wooded parts of the woods. We soon came to a
clearing and Clifford took off his jacket and laid it upon the ground so that
I could sit on it without soiling my dress, never dreaming that more than his
jacket was going to laid on the ground that very day.

I sat down on the jacket with my legs extended and Clifford sort sat in back
of me so I could sort of lean on him. This was all happening fast and I was a
little confused as a good girl doesn’t end up in the woods with a boy. He sort
of put his arms around me and the next thing I know his lips were touching
mine and we were kissing . All of a sudden he sort of open my mouth and put
his tongue in my mouth and started rubbing his tongue on mine. I started to
feel faint but did not want his kissing to stop. We kissed some more and he
put his arms around me and put his hand on the outside of my blouse over my
breasts. I started to move his hands when he kissed me again and started to
press against my breasts and starting feeling them through my clothing. Once
again I had that funny feeling and it was feeling good. I told Clifford he
mustn’t do things like that and he sort of smiled and nodded. He asked if I
wanted to get up and move on but I told him I could trust him and would stay
there but only do kissing. I told him not to touch my breasts any more.

Love Affair

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

One day, in NewPort News, there was a knock at the door,
“Who is it?” came the soft voice from inside.
“It’s me, Johnny” I replied.

You opened the door wearing a bulky sweater made of angora
red skirt and no had just gooten home from work
a few minutes earlier.
“Hi!” I said entering the door..”you sure look beat”
“come here..let me relax you!”
with that i took your hand and led you to the bedroom. (more…)

Wife Joke

Monday, June 11th, 2007

While away at a convention, an executive happened to meet a young woman
who was pretty and intelligent. When he persuaded her to disrobe in his hotel
room, he found out she had a superb body as well. Unfortunately, the executive
found himself unable to perform. On his first night home, the executive walked
from the shower into the bedroom to find his wife covered in a rumpled bathrobe,
her hair curled, her face creamed, munching candy loudly while she pored through
a movie magazine. Then, without warning, he felt the onset of a magnificent erection.
Looking down at this, he snarled, “Why you ungrateful, mixed-up son of a bitch.
Now I know why they call you a prick!”

Interracial Dating Sex Story

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Kate Brookfield watched her husband’s beautiful dark haired employer as she dialed

frantically a number from memory.

“Hello, David ? Yeah, it,s me… Lena Price… Hey listen, it’s all set… Mmmhm !, the little

blonde trick I was telling you about… Eight o’clock, okay ? We’ll meet you fellas there…Bye,

sugar”. She blew a kiss into the receiver. (more…)

Adult Friend Finder

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

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