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Great Massage and Dating

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Sunnyvale’s best kept secret is Hiyashi Massage. The address is
1240 Wolfe Road, but it is cleverly hidden in a small shopping
center just off El Camino. Also, there is NOTHING on the outside
to even hint it might be a massage parlor. The front looks like a
high-class nail salon, and the sign says “Body beautiful tan tone.”
When you walk in the door, there’s a long, narrow waiting area, like a
beauty parlor. But the only services available on the menu are half-hour
and full-hour “body toning.” On weekday evenings, there are as many as
a dozen girls, most of whom are refugees from Kimiko and other nearby
establishments. While the other places have gotten pretty conservative
lately, the Hiyashi girls will go all the way. They won’t quote prices,
since that would not be legal, but the bigger the tip, the more thorough
the service. $40 will get you a topless hand job, another $10 usually
will allow total nudity. This is on top of the $40 half-hour house fee.
While the main fee can go on Mastercard or Visa, tips must be in cash.
The place is clean, the furnishings are new but not ornate, and they
provide a bathrobe for the shower. The massage itself is VERY sensual–
in fact, if you don’t have a hard-on in three minutes, either there’s
something wrong with you, or you’re a woman. In which case you’d be wetter
than a monsoon. I should tell you how to find this place. Take El
Camino to Wolfe. Turn north (that’s towards 101)and on your right
will be a car wash. The next driveway is the one you want. Go all
the way to the back of the parking lot, and you’re there. By the
way, Chellokababi, a very nice Persian restaurant, is in the same
shopping plaza.

Love Affair

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

One day, in NewPort News, there was a knock at the door,
“Who is it?” came the soft voice from inside.
“It’s me, Johnny” I replied.

You opened the door wearing a bulky sweater made of angora
red skirt and no had just gooten home from work
a few minutes earlier.
“Hi!” I said entering the door..”you sure look beat”
“come here..let me relax you!”
with that i took your hand and led you to the bedroom. (more…)

Adult Dating Secrets

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

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