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Licking his lips

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

let the rest of my robe slip off, and immediately he started to fondle my
breasts. I then laid him upon the floor and asked him if he knew how to use his
tongue besides licking his lips, in which he quickly turned me into a 69
position and started licking away. Oh yes! This boy was sweet, and I came and
came all over his young face. I could feel his own pressure building up inside
my mouth as I stroked him and sucked him at the same time. Finally, his body
trembled and he let at a low moan and gushed into my mouth. I quickly pulled it
out and stroked him faster until he came all over my soft tits. Both quite
satisfied he thanked me, put his clothes on, and left. The moral to this story?
Well, there’s nothing like a free pizza and a horny nympho

Lick My Clit

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

The cheers are pretty loud for such a small crowd. I love it. My date

has his face within reach. I kiss him, then swing around and, on hands

and knees, shove my ass in his face. He grabs my ass cheeks to hold me.

He sticks his tongue inside my pussy. Ooooooo. I flip over and bring

my knees way back. He leans over and starts licking my clit. And he

sticks a finger deep inside my pussy. The cheering is tremendous.

“Lock the Doors.” I hear someone say.