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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

You all remember the song called ” The Trolley Car Song” about the turn of the
century where a certain young innocent lady went for a ride and lost her heart
instead. This story takes place in the late nineteen thirty’s up to now. Well
leave me tell you I lost more than my heart or maybe I did not lose anything
but gained a lot instead. I know because I am a lady that went on a trolley
car ride and the same thing happen to me where I saw this tall, handsome young
young gentlemen and just like the song my heart started to reel when I looked
at him. What happened in the song happened to me and as I started to leave the
trolley he took hold of my hand and as if it were grand I stayed on till the
end of the line with his hand holding mine although the funniest feeling
passed over me and I felt a strange twinge between my legs when he took hold
of my hand. It was as if I had touched my own cunny, which I had done a few
times althought good girls aren’t suspose to do those things or even think or
know such words as cunny.