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Boring monday morning

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

It was a typical boring Monday morning. The weekend had come and
gone and here I was back at the “old grind”. My in-basket was
piled high with memos and junk mail to sort through. I went down
to the lounge to get my morning coffee and on my way back I
thought I would stop off at the men’s room to milk my python.

I had always dreamed of the things that could happen in the
company men’s room but today the dreams were going to be more
real than I could ever imagine.

As I walked through the door I could hear a slight moaning sound
coming from the oversized handi-capped stall at the end. At
first I thought it must have been someone who had a worse weekend
than I had. I walked over to use the urinal and after unzipping
my fly and grasping hold of my rod, it happened. Something in my
mind told me that the sound I had heard wasn’t a painful moaning
but a moaning that comes from shear erotic pleasure. Just then,
I heard it again. This time it was even more distinct than the
first time. Again it happened. By now I was more curious than a
weasel outside a chicken coop. I just had to investigate.

Husbands Bondage Affair

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

My wife was out of town for the week, which left me without
much to do besides watching TV or catching the basketball games
on the radio. So when rush hour hit, I headed to a nearby bar and
sat at the rail to check out the traffic, ordering a gin and tonic
to pass the time. It was an upscale crowd – yuppies, business men
like myself, you know the type.

As I swiveled my barstool around, getting a quick 360 of the
clientele, I realized there was a woman sitting next to me. A good-
looking brunette in a well tailored business suit. And unless I was
very much mistaken, she had been giving me the eye.

I turned around, and she was there all right, looking at me with
an expression I couldn’t quite fathom. “Rough day?,” she asked, and
I relaxed and moved into the “office work” routine with half my mind
while the other half tried to figure what she was looking for. She
was friendly enough, and I tuned back into our discussion just in
time to hear myself recommend a little Chinese place for dinner. (more…)

First Date Sex

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Clifford was a good looking fellow about 20 years old and was a part owner in
a habdashery store with his father. He lived with his parents and his younger
sister Susie who I found out was my age, about 18. As we talked on the trolley
I found out that Clifford had never really had any girlfriends he was serious
about and I never had any boyfriends I was serious about. I told Clifford I
had just finshed High School and was working as a secreary in an architect
firm. I had a brother about 21 and a younger sister about 16 in eleventh grade
in high school and never had any serious boyfriends although I had played
games like spin the bottle or post office. As I said Clifford was good looking
with brown hair, about 5′11″ and weighted about 165 lbs. I was 5′5″ tall,
blonde hair with measurements of 30-24-30 and was always told by my older
brother that I was very attractive. By the way my brothers name was Herbert,
named after my father and my young sister was Abigail, who we called Abby.

First Date Sex

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Charlene awoke from the gentle nudge of her husbands
hard cock against her firm ass.
John was a tall, handsome man, younger than Charlene
with an appetite for pussy unmatched by any older man
Charlene had ever dated.
They first met at a gathering of mutual friends.
Charlene couldn’t keep her eyes off John, his tight black
leather pants held his bulge firmly in place. He too was
overcome by Charlene’s beauty, her long sexy legs, hour glass
figure and sweet smile. He couldn’t help but want what was
under that short little mini skirt she was wearing. (more…)

Adult Friend Finder

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

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