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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Janet couldn’t sleep.
It might have been the heat or it might have been her roommate’s snoring
coming through the paper thin wall or it might have been that her
shit-for-brains ex-boyfriend had walked out on her a week ago for the last
time. Not that she missed him. Much. It could have been any of those things.
But it wasn’t.
You see, she had this itch.
It was a very aggravating itch, and it made her restless. It was located
in a very special place, high up between her thighs. It was a very deep itch,
and would require very deep scratching. Of course, she could scratch it
herself, as she had done on several occasions before, but her restlessness
was reenforced by the sound of gentle snores from the room next to hers.
It would be oh so much better to have somebody scratch it for her.

Allen had always been a good friend of hers, but she had preferred to keep
it at a friendship level. When mutual financial circumstances had made
sharing an apartment seem like a very good idea, she had proclaimed to the
rafters that the ONLY thing they would share would be the bills. Allen had
agreed good-naturedly, as usual. For six months and more, it worked out just
fine. They respected each other’s privacy, always one managing to find
something to do elsewhere when the other brought home a date, etc. They grew
closer, almost like brother and sister. Consummating this relationship almost
seemed like breaking a taboo. (more…)

Cuckold Hubby Doesnt Know

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Like I say, Bob (my husband) knows almost nothing about computers. So I
have written MY side of the story after his, at the bottom of this. I can
do so, safe in the knowledge that he will never know how to read this… I
am posting this anonymously so that I can vouch that every syllable of it
is completely true… only the names have been changed :)

First, Bob’s version…

Last summer, I had a rather interesting vacation experience. (more…)

Beautiful Cock

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

He stands up and opens his pants. His cock looks beautiful. But I

don’t get to see it for long. He climbs up with me and over me on his

hands and knees. His legs push mine apart. His lips start sucking on

my tits. Then, he kisses me thoroughly on the mouth. I feel his cock

push deep inside me. The crowd is wild. “Go! Go! GO! GO! GO!” They

are shouting, as our hips push and buck and fuck. The music is very

loud in my ears, and I start my orgasm just as the music hits its peak.

I feel his hot cum spurt inside me at the same time. The music stops.

The cheering and foot stomping is deafening.