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Singapore Affair

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

I heard the shower running and half-awoke, then fell back into
an exhausted sleep. The windows were gray with the first light of
dawn. But then I was again awakened. The windows weren’t much
brighter, but what woke me this time was wetness. To be precise,
June had brought a basic on soapy water and was using a washcloth
to clean my cock. (Remember where it had been last.) She was gentle
and attentive with my tender dick and oh, so meticulous. There was
still some soap film on my cock, but she took care of this. She
disappeared for a moment and when she returned, she was carrying a
bottle of white wine. She arranged a towel like a coffer dam around
my dick and abdomen and used the wine to rinse me. As raw as my
cock still was, the sensation stung and then tingled. (more…)

Sexy Ann Groupsex

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

You all remember the song called ” The Trolley Car Song” about the turn of the
century where a certain young innocent lady went for a ride and lost her heart
instead. This story takes place in the late nineteen thirty’s up to now. Well
leave me tell you I lost more than my heart or maybe I did not lose anything
but gained a lot instead. I know because I am a lady that went on a trolley
car ride and the same thing happen to me where I saw this tall, handsome young
young gentlemen and just like the song my heart started to reel when I looked
at him. What happened in the song happened to me and as I started to leave the
trolley he took hold of my hand and as if it were grand I stayed on till the
end of the line with his hand holding mine although the funniest feeling
passed over me and I felt a strange twinge between my legs when he took hold
of my hand. It was as if I had touched my own cunny, which I had done a few
times althought good girls aren’t suspose to do those things or even think or
know such words as cunny.

Married Girl Love Affair

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Not only was it hot, but the fucking humidity was so high that
the slight breeze didn’t dry his skin either. Fucking air
conditioner had the condenser shot, or something. It was
always something.
Damn thing had quit late in the afternoon and he couldn’t get
it fixed until the repairman looked at it in Monday morning.
And it was only Saturday night now.
Norman knew about keys, and locks, and deadbolts. His father
had let him work in the locksmith’s shop since he was about six
years old, teaching and guiding his son. (more…)