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First Threesome

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Well, this is it! I finally convinced Sue that a threesome would be fun
& exciting! We decided to go out of town and find a good night spot, close to
a hotel.
We found a hotel with a great sounding night club about 100 miles from
home and checked in. After we got into our room, Sue started getting ready for
the evening. She put on her black garter and panties set, a knee length skirt
with a slit up one side, a tight fitting sweater, no bra and a pair of spiked
heels. She looked great!!
We headed down to the club, and I couldn’t help feel a sense of pride and
excitment at the looks she was getting from guys we passed on the way. After
we found a table and got some drinks, we started looking around the room for a
likely person to share our fantasy with. Sue spotted a good looking guy,
sitting alone at the bar, and asked what I thought of him. I said he looked
ok, and asked her if she wanted me to invite him over to our table. She said,
very nervously, OK. I went over and introduced myself, he said his name was
my wiaaawas wanting to dance, but I had hurt my back and she wondered if he
would like to dance. He said sure, he’d love to. (more…)

Blind Date First Sex

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Why did my blind date want me to meet him at Camelot? 18th and M? He
said lunch, but that’s a GO-GO place. They serve food, too? He said
not to be late, or I’d miss the show. Oh, well. Here it is. Hmmmmmm.
Nice neighborhood. Nice place.

The sign says auditions! Oh, so that’s it. Auditions for dancers. Was
I supposed to try out? No way, Jose! My shape isn’t going to get me on
stage! I see somebody waiting outside … I approach him … correctly
guessing this is my date.