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Friday, April 10th, 2009
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After entering the stall and locking the door, I learned why she picked that particular place. You see, the handicap stall is so nice and roomy that we could have an orgy in there and no one would be the wiser. She first took me by the hand and led me over to her. She was still sitting on the toilet and since she was somewhat of a nymph it was easy for her to take my rod in her mouth without straining. She started by licking the head of my throbbing rod. Around and around she went and now my moaning was so loud I was sure someone would hear me. Finally after teasing it with her tongue she looked up at me and I was out of it. So she buried her head between my legs and took the whole thing into her her mouth and deep into her throat.

Swinging can be fun

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
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Needless to say my limp snake had heard the call of the wild and was up and ready for battle. It was about all I could do to hold back from blasting a hole through that stall door. Maybe it was the sound of my shoes on the tile floor or maybe my stifled moaning, but she finally came back to Earth and noticed me standing outside the stall. I thought she would scream or something terrible like that and I had visions of the CEO coming in and firing me. But it didn't happen anything like that. She slowly leaned forward and smiled as she open the door and motioned to me to come inside and service her. Being the gentleman that I am, I couldn't deny her request.

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Thursday, April 24th, 2008

My car broke down on the highway during my commute home. I managed to
pull it over, got out, clipped my scanner on my belt, locked the car,
and began to hitch hike up the road for help. It was cloudy and cold,
threatening rain. I hoped I would get a ride soon. Maybe it was my suit
and the attache case I carried, the fact that I was standing next to a
disabled car. In any case, I got lucky. A car pulled over and stopped
about one hundred feet beyond me.

I ran up to it and thanked my benefactor as I opened the passenger door
and jumped in. “I really appreciate this.” I said. “Could you give me a
ride to the next exit with a service station?” “Sure” was all she said.
She signaled to traffic and pulled back onto the highway. After a few
seconds I had settled down after adjusting the scanner on my right side,
and took a real look at the driver. Exotic is the best word that came
to mind. She was strikingly pretty, long jet black hair, vaguely
oriental, perhaps of mixed race. She was also heavy, almost, but not
quite fat, with large breasts, a big buttocks, and strong looking calfs. (more…)


Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Janet couldn’t sleep.
It might have been the heat or it might have been her roommate’s snoring
coming through the paper thin wall or it might have been that her
shit-for-brains ex-boyfriend had walked out on her a week ago for the last
time. Not that she missed him. Much. It could have been any of those things.
But it wasn’t.
You see, she had this itch.
It was a very aggravating itch, and it made her restless. It was located
in a very special place, high up between her thighs. It was a very deep itch,
and would require very deep scratching. Of course, she could scratch it
herself, as she had done on several occasions before, but her restlessness
was reenforced by the sound of gentle snores from the room next to hers.
It would be oh so much better to have somebody scratch it for her.

Allen had always been a good friend of hers, but she had preferred to keep
it at a friendship level. When mutual financial circumstances had made
sharing an apartment seem like a very good idea, she had proclaimed to the
rafters that the ONLY thing they would share would be the bills. Allen had
agreed good-naturedly, as usual. For six months and more, it worked out just
fine. They respected each other’s privacy, always one managing to find
something to do elsewhere when the other brought home a date, etc. They grew
closer, almost like brother and sister. Consummating this relationship almost
seemed like breaking a taboo. (more…)

Jacuzzi Fucking

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

This is my first posting to this group after alot of reading.
I just had to tell what happened when I went to my girl-friend’s
house for christmas vacation. We’ve been dating for awhile, so I
know her family pretty well. She is very close to her older sister
who lives in the same town. Becky, my girlfriend, often hangs out
there during the day while her sister’s husband is at work, so we went
over one afternoon to relax in their Jacuzzi. Robin, Becky’s sister,
greeted us when we came in. Robin is a little shorter and slimmer than
Becky; where Becky has larger curves and large, heavy breasts, Robin
has slimmer hips that run to a slimmer waist and smaller, but not small,
breasts that sit up high and pert. I love women with large, sensual
lips, and while Becky certainly qualifies in this respect, Robin has
the most fantastic lips I have ever seen. They are full and lush, just
this side of being too large. She has large, high cheekbones, so her
lips don’t unbalance her face, yet remain sensual and pouty. (more…)

Pregnant Augusta Affair

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Augusta is a JAP (jewish American Princess) by
definition only. She is Jewish and very spoiled yet she has
strikingly blonde hair and soft facial features. She is very
petite with small hand and very tiny feet. Five foot tall
with a proportional figure that fits her height and well
shaped breasts which are small yet round and firm. She is
also very pregnant. Her husband is off on another of his so
called business trips leaving her to fend for herself this
last month before the baby is expected. (more…)

Date Me To Fuck Me

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

“Number 5.” That’s quick! And I’m number 6? My heart starts to pound.

This time I watch the next girl real close. She is obviously a pro from

another bar. Her moves are quick and sure. My date takes my hand and

whispers. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. But I want to see

you naked.” I look at him, and he has the most eager smile. How could

I turn him down? The girl finishes her act to lots of applause. She

sure did swing her pussy and ass around a lot. Is that what they want?

Ice Cream Date

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Well, as I was saying we stayed on to the end of the line where it ended in a
park area. There was an ice cream stand there and he asked if he could treat
me to a dish of ice cream and I replied yes as I wanted to spend some time
with Clifford and get to know him better. After finishing the ice cream I
suggested a walk through the park as it was only midafternoon on this
beautiful spring day. As we walked we saw a rabbit and tried to chase it thus
going off the path into the wooded parts of the woods. We soon came to a
clearing and Clifford took off his jacket and laid it upon the ground so that
I could sit on it without soiling my dress, never dreaming that more than his
jacket was going to laid on the ground that very day.

I sat down on the jacket with my legs extended and Clifford sort sat in back
of me so I could sort of lean on him. This was all happening fast and I was a
little confused as a good girl doesn’t end up in the woods with a boy. He sort
of put his arms around me and the next thing I know his lips were touching
mine and we were kissing . All of a sudden he sort of open my mouth and put
his tongue in my mouth and started rubbing his tongue on mine. I started to
feel faint but did not want his kissing to stop. We kissed some more and he
put his arms around me and put his hand on the outside of my blouse over my
breasts. I started to move his hands when he kissed me again and started to
press against my breasts and starting feeling them through my clothing. Once
again I had that funny feeling and it was feeling good. I told Clifford he
mustn’t do things like that and he sort of smiled and nodded. He asked if I
wanted to get up and move on but I told him I could trust him and would stay
there but only do kissing. I told him not to touch my breasts any more.

Sexy Ann Groupsex

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

You all remember the song called ” The Trolley Car Song” about the turn of the
century where a certain young innocent lady went for a ride and lost her heart
instead. This story takes place in the late nineteen thirty’s up to now. Well
leave me tell you I lost more than my heart or maybe I did not lose anything
but gained a lot instead. I know because I am a lady that went on a trolley
car ride and the same thing happen to me where I saw this tall, handsome young
young gentlemen and just like the song my heart started to reel when I looked
at him. What happened in the song happened to me and as I started to leave the
trolley he took hold of my hand and as if it were grand I stayed on till the
end of the line with his hand holding mine although the funniest feeling
passed over me and I felt a strange twinge between my legs when he took hold
of my hand. It was as if I had touched my own cunny, which I had done a few
times althought good girls aren’t suspose to do those things or even think or
know such words as cunny.