Cuckold Hubby Doesnt Know

Like I say, Bob (my husband) knows almost nothing about computers. So I
have written MY side of the story after his, at the bottom of this. I can
do so, safe in the knowledge that he will never know how to read this… I
am posting this anonymously so that I can vouch that every syllable of it
is completely true… only the names have been changed :)

First, Bob’s version…

Last summer, I had a rather interesting vacation experience.

My wife and I were attending an academic conference in Florida. I was
presenting a paper at the conference, so my University was picking up the
tab for me to attend the conference. The down side, of course, was that I
had to attend several of the meetings instead of getting the chance to
hang out on the beach. A small price to pay, I thought, for a free trip to

We arrived in Tampa on Thursday afternoon. We were staying at a motel
separate from the main hotel/conference center where the conference was
being held. We had decided that a location closer to the beach would be
better, even though it meant that I would have to take a taxi to the
meetings several miles away.

We decided that we had only enough time to take a quick shower before
heading for dinner. Cindy, my wife, had brought along her sexy red dress
to wear ‘out on the town’, so she laid it out to wear that evening, and went
into the shower. Cindy is 29 and keeps herself in great shape. Her long
blonde hair is a fantastic turn on, and she runs several miles a day so that
her legs are firm and strong.

While she was taking her shower, I stepped outside our motel room onto
the balcony to get a view of the Gulf of Mexico. The view was spectacular.
Down below, I could see the swimming pool. I checked out all the girls
there, but I didn’t really see any beauties. This was mainly a family
motel, so it seemed like almost everyone was with their families.

As I stood looking out at the sunset, the sliding glass door of the room
next door slid open, and 2 guys about college age came out. Our rooms
were situated so that we would share the balcony. They were a bit
startled to see me standing there, I think. But anyhow, they just smiled a
polite ‘hi’ and began talking to each other.

“I can’t believe we picked this stupid motel for our great ‘bachelor’s last
vacation’” said the taller one, with black hair.

“Really!!” exclaimed the blonde. “There isn’t a single good looking woman
within 2 miles of this motel. So much for our fantasies of Florida bikinis,

Just then, an enormous middle-aged mother waddled out into the pool area
and started yelling… no, screaming… at her kids. The guys just looked at
each other and sighed.

They continued talking for a few minutes, and then turned to me and
started a polite conversation. They asked me about myself, and I
explained about my wife and I being in town so I could attend the academic
conference. I could see their eyes glazing over as I spoke, and I could tell
that they had written my wife and I off as just another middle-aged
couple. (I am 37, so they probably assumed that my wife would look like
the lady screeching down by the pool.)

They then began to tell me about themselves. They had both just recently
graduated from college in May, and they were both planning to get married
near the end of the summer and start to work. They had arranged things
with their fiancees so that they could have one last big road trip before
the weddings… they had planned (secretly, of course, their fiances would
never have agreed ) to spend their time in Florida chasing after the college
girls who would be covering the place up.

Unfortunately, they had seriously miscalculated the location of the
eligible women in the state of Florida. Where ever they *were* that
summer (they told me in an exasperated tone of voice)… they *were not*
at this particular motel, or anywhere near there.

Even worse, they had to leave the very next morning. So it looked like the
whole vacation was a bust for them.

Just then, our conversation was interrupted by my wife’s entrance from
inside the room to the balcony. She was wearing her red dress, and was
looking HOT. The instant I looked up to see her coming toward me on the
balcony, she was flipping up her hair to put in her earrings. Something
about the gesture was so incredibly sexy… I felt my dick begin to slightly
(ever so slightly) stiffen at the sight.

I looked over at the guys and, to tell you the truth, they were shocked
speechless. Here they were, lamenting the lack of beautiful women
anywhere around, and this perfect specimen of womanhood walks onto the

As for Cindy, she just looked over at the guys and batted her eyes in a very
flirtatious way. She likes to tease, see. That is how we met in the first
place. She has always been very hot to look at, and she is the sort of
woman who adds to her own beauty by using lots of sexy gestures.

I introduced myself (Bob) and my wife, Cindy to the guys. I was about to
introduce the guys to Cindy, and I realized that I had forgotten their
names. Luckily, Allan, the tall one with black hair, introduced himself and
his friend Tony, who was shorter and had blonde hair.

I excused myself and went to take my shower. Cindy said that she would
just wait outside and talk to our new neighbors while waiting for me.

In the shower, I started to fantasize. I didn’t really have a clear picture
of my plan at the time, but I just started imagining Cindy getting fucked
by both the young men. I had always had a fantasy about watching her
going wild with some other man, and the conversation with the two guys
on the balcony, and the look in their eyes when they saw her, were just
enough to get my imagination going. As my dick grew harder in the spray
of the showerhead, I began to hatch my plan.

I thought it would be cool to have a bit of ‘fun’ with the guys. I don’t mean
that I wanted Cindy to *actually* fuck the guys… she would probably never
go for that. She is a flirt, but I don’t think she would actually do anything
that wild. So what I planned was very simple… I would get Cindy to ‘tease’
the guys mercilessly. She would enjoy the ‘challenge’… they would enjoy
the ‘anticipation’ and they would get over the disappointment of NOT
getting to have her eventually… and I would get material for fantasies to
last for years.

I finished up my shower quickly and dressed to go out to eat. I didn’t know
exactly what my next move would be, but I knew that I had to get Cindy
alone to set up the plan *before* we left for the restaurant. I knew that
if we left the guys alone, they would probably go out to a bar and meet
some girls to bring back to the motel… thus making any ‘tease’ impossible.
Anyhow, since they were leaving the next morning, we probably wouldn’t
get to see them again even if they struck out once again.

When I stepped out onto the balcony, I was surprised to see that the guys
weren’t there. My heart sank, and I thought that my plan had failed even
before it had begun. But Cindy quickly reassured me when she said that
she had asked the guys to come along for dinner with us, and that she
hoped I didn’t mind. I just chuckled and calmly said that no, I didn’t mind,
and that it might be fun.

The guys had gone inside to get dressed nicely for the evening out. I took
advantage of the opportunity to let Cindy in on the details of Allan and
Tony’s troubles. She had to stifle a laugh when she heard about it. Then I
broached the topic of my plan.

“Why don’t we have a little fun and tease Allan and Tony?” I said.

“What do you mean?” she replied.

I explained to her what I meant. She could flirt with them outrageously
all evening… and get them really really worked up, just to see them
squirm… just for laughs.

She thought it was a great idea. I think that the idea of getting these two
young men hot for her turned her on in a way. Like I said, she always has
been a flirt of sorts. And I think she knew that I would get an ego boost
out of knowing that I, a nearly 40 year old, could be married to a wife who
could attract these young studs.

We laughed together quietly, and I could see her eyes sparkling. I wondered
what she had in mind, and figured that I would find out soon enough.

Finally, the guys came out onto the balcony and said that they were ready
to go. We all went out through our room and got into their car. We didn’t
have a car, remember, and had planned to take a cab.

Their car was a relatively spacious rental sedan. I don’t even remember
what kind of car it was… some boring thing from Detroit. But my mind was
racing, and I had an idea. I pretended that I had been thinking about buying
one of these, and asked if I could sit up front with Allan while we rode to
the restaurant. I knew that if Cindy were sitting alone with Tony in the
back, she would have a better opportunity to get his attention than if she
and I sat in the back of the car together.

We got in the car and took off. I couldn’t really see anything in the back. I
glanced back at Cindy, and she just smiled at me. I was hoping that she
hadn’t forgotten our plan and that she was stretching out her long legs for
Tony to see.

The restaurant we had picked was some miles away. We drove away from
the brightly lit beach area onto a relatively lonely road. The road ran
through a forest area to an undeveloped little section of the Gulf front,
where the boats came in. I had heard that this restaurant, where the food
was fresh off the boat, was the best around. Allan and I made small talk
in the front seat, and Cindy and Tony were silent in the back.

When we got to the restaurant, I jumped out of the car quickly to open
Cindy’s door. I always try to be a gentleman, even if such behavior is out
of fashion these days… I was just raised that way, I suppose. When I
opened the door, I got a real eyeful of Cindy’s legs! She had apparently sat
down ‘innocently’ in a way so that her dress was pushed way up on her
legs! I smiled to myself as I realized that she was working the plan

The restaurant was good. Not great, as I had been hoping, but good The
food was only acceptable. Oh, well, I guess you can’t win them all. But if
the food was just o.k., it was more than made up for by Cindy’s behavior
She was driving us all nuts with her flirtations. A couple of times, the
guys got a sort of concerned look on their face… I guess they were afraid
that I would get mad or something.

Cindy had unbuttoned her dress in the front just a little bit… just enough
that we could easily see her breasts peeking through. On top of that, she
steered the conversation toward sex. She did it so skillfully, that I didn’t
even realize we were on the topic until we were each telling about our
‘first time’… I guess that since I had sex on the mind so much, it didn’t
take much to get me on the topic.

Cindy was drinking quite a bit with dinner. I held back some myself,
because I didn’t think it would be good for us BOTH to get drunk in front of
total strangers. The conversation shifted from ‘first times’ to sex
fantasies. The guys confessed their plans for this weekend vacation.
When it was my turn, I made a relatively lame confession of a fantasy
about having a student come on to me for grades. Then it was Cindy’s turn
and she really knocked us out!

“You know what my fantasy is?” she began. “I have always fantasized
about having sex with both my husband and someone else at the same time.
Something turns me on about the idea of having two men want me at the
same time.”

Then she asked what we all thought of that. I played my part in the game
by saying ‘Well, it would have to be with the right guy, of course.’ They
guys teased Cindy back a bit by asking if she would consider having *2*
guys with her husband. Then they both admitted that they had fantasized
about both having sex with a girl, but said that they probably would never
get the chance.

Cindy was really tipsy by now, and really playing our flirt plan to the MAX.
She just laughed and said “Hey, boys, you just never know when the right
chance my come along…” She licked her lips and seductively took a sip of
her drink.

We quickly left the restaurant. This time, Tony drove us back and I sat in
the front. This left Cindy and Allan in the back together. As we started
out on the trip, we all continued talking loudly, but after a few minutes I
noticed that only Tony and I were talking. I smiled to myself and thought
that Cindy must have pulled the trick with her dress on Tony. I could just
imagine Tony back there gaping at her legs, and her just staring straight
ahead and smiling.

We went straight back to the hotel then, since I had to get up pretty early
to go to my meeting, and the guys were planning to get an early start on
the road in the morning. We decided that we would have a quick drink on
the balcony and then go to sleep.

Cindy and I went into our room, and the guys said that they would meet us
on the balcony in a few minutes, with some mixed drinks.

As soon as our door was closed, even before I could get the light turned on,
Cindy attacked me and gave me a passionate kiss. I leaned her back
against the wall and started to grind into her gently. I took my hands
down to the edge of her dress and reached underneath. She moaned as I
moved my hands upward to reach inside her panties.

You can just imagine how my hand jumped when I encountered her bare
pussy hairs She wasn’t wearing any panties! I smiled and asked her
where her panties were… she said that she had taken them off at the
restaurant when she went to the restroom… to make her feel more horny…
to make the plan go all the better.

I smiled. I moved my hands back up to her pussy and pushed one finger
slowly inside her, rubbing on her clit. She was so sopping wet that my
finger slipped right in… the feeling was incredible. I started moving my
finger in and out of her slowly while kissing her neck.

She interrupted me and reminded me that we had to meet the guys out on
the balcony. “The fun is just beginning,” she said. I had to go to the
restroom, so I told her to head on out and that I would be out in just a

I went to the restroom. I was only in there for just a few minutes, I
know, because I was in a hurry to get back to the action. So I know that
things must have moved pretty quickly while I was in there.

When I came out of the restroom of the hotel room, I turned out the
restroom light. This left our room in total darkness. In contrast, the
balcony was flooded with light from Allan and Tony’s room. What I saw
going on there will keep my fantasy life in shape for the rest of my life.

All three of them were standing on the balcony facing out to sea. Cindy
was in the middle, and the two guys were standing on either side of her…
close… closer than was necessary. They were both standing so close they
their bodies were rubbing up against hers. Music was coming from inside
their room, and Cindy was swaying back and forth in time to the music.
The guys each had one hand on her back and quickly moved their hands
down to her gyrating ass.

I turned on a light inside the apartment, to warn them that I was coming
out. I didn’t want to ruin the mood of the evening by scaring them all.
They quickly moved a step away from her and dropped their hands to their
sides when they saw the light from my room come from behind them.

I walked out onto the balcony and picked up the drink that they had left for
me. We all sat down in these lounge chairs and starting talking. Cindy and
I were sitting on one side of the balcony, and the guys were sitting on the
other. The lounge chairs were the long kind, and Cindy couldn’t really sit
properly on them in her dress. She said that she had to go inside to

While she was inside changing, I asked the guys what they thought of her.
I thought for a minute that they were going to seriously ask me if they
could fuck her I was glad when they didn’t ask, because I was in no mood
to end the party so soon.

Pretty soon, Cindy came back outside wearing her nightgown. This
nightgown is one of those long t-shirt kind of things. The only thing is… it
isn’t really as long as it is supposed to be… she accidentally bought it a
size too small, and it exposed quite a bit of her legs and was really tight
around her tits.

She sat down in the chair beside me and casually sat with her legs apart.
I couldn’t really tell from my angle if she was showing them anything. I
was shocked that she would show them anything, if she was. I couldn’t
believe how much she was getting into this.

We talked for awhile longer, and then I announced that I was getting really
tired. I guess all the excitement had really worn me out. Anyway, I
thought that the tease was getting a little too out of hand. The guys were
starting to look like hungry wolves… and Cindy was getting a bit too

Cindy followed me inside and closed the curtains dramatically. She went
to the restroom then, for a second. I got undressed and into bed to wait
for her.

She jumped into bed quickly when she came out. I touched her gently… and
POW, she jumped on me like an animal. She started kissing me like crazy.
I reached under her nightgown t-shirt to finger her, and… wow She was
wearing panties…

When I expressed my surprise, she laughed and said “Do you think I would
*show* them anything?” Then she started kissing me feverishly, and I
helped her pull her panties off. She swung around on top of me and plunged
down on my aching dick. I came almost instantly, and we rolled over and
went to sleep. I slept like a log, it was incredible.

The next day, I had to get up early to go to the meeting. When the wake up
call came, I found it difficult to even open my eyes. What a night the night
before had been. I noticed that Cindy was laying completely nude beside
me. I smiled at her beautiful face and got ready to go to the conference.

The meetings were boring, so I left early.

When I got home to the motel, I got another surprise. I had been unable to
find my key that morning, so I knocked on the door. When Cindy met me at
the door, her face was flushed and she was sweating. I had caught her
masturbating She was so hot that she wouldn’t even let me finger her…
she just jumped into bed and pulled me under the covers as quickly as I
could get dressed. I fucked her hard and fast.

Well, that was about it for my vacation experience. We never saw Tony
and Allan after that. Guys out there, listen up… it can make your woman
hot as a firecracker to flirt with other guys, and it gives you an ego boost
as well… and so long as she gets that kind of excitement, you know you
don’t have to worry about her fucking someone else…

————– (Note from Cindy: And now my version…)

It was the most incredible experience of my life. I wonder sometimes
what Bob would do, if he knew the whole story. I don’t know if he would
divorce me, or if he would just get more turned on than ever about it. But
to be on the safe side, I will never tell him the whole story.

For me, the story begins when I came out of the shower that evening
when we arrived. I was looking forward to a pretty dull and relaxing
vacation. I planned to spend most of my time at the beach while Bob was
at his meetings. Boring, sure… but I really was looking forward to the

But when I stepped out onto that balcony, I somehow just knew that
this would be an interesting trip. Even though I had never done anything
unusual sexually in a long time, I had been feeling especially sexy
recently. I guess I was approaching my ’sexual peak’. Guys supposedly
reach that peak at age 17, and women supposedly reach it at about 35. I
was 29 then, and I am 30 now… so either I have reached my peak early, or I
have a hell of a decade ahead of me.

Bob introduced me to the guys and went on inside to take his shower.
Let me tell you about these guys… they weren’t outrageously handsome…
they were just good-looking in that nice, clean-cut way. Allan, the taller
one, had dark hair and a really lean build. Tony, the shorter of the two, had
a sort of sandy brown to blonde hair and ‘boyish’ looks.

Anyhow, as soon as Bob was inside, they started hitting on me Not in
that crass bar-room manner, but in a really nice kind of way. It is hard to
explain… maybe I was just really horny.

They explained that they had come to Florida looking for ‘fun’ girls, but
didn’t find any. Well, as Bob told you, I have always been something of a
‘flirt’, so I said “Hey, you found me… don’t you think I could be fun.” The
guys looked absolutely shocked.

To my surprise, they took me seriously. Their eyes sort of lit up and
they looked at each other. They started teasing with me… “I don’t know,”
said Allan. “What is your idea of fun?”

Tony chimed in. “Yeah, really… our idea of fun and your idea of fun
might not be the same thing…” He smiled.

“Try me,” I said… foolishly. “I bet I am more fun than you think.”

“Give me a kiss, then.” Tony smiled as he said this. I could tell that he
knew I was only teasing… or thought he knew… so he called my bluff.

I looked flustered…. “What? ?” I exclaimed, in mock horror. “KISS you?
? ?”

Allan laughed. “Well, I guess you aren’t as fun as you said, then, are

I took the bait. “Oh, yeah?”

I glanced quickly inside to see what Bob was up to. I saw that he was
nowhere to be seen… still in the shower.

Tony was sitting down by now, and I walked over to his lounge chair
and sat down on his lap. He put his arms around my back, and I put my
arms around his neck… and gave him a deep and passionate kiss. I could
feel his dick get hard beneath me.

That kiss… wow… I can hardly describe it. The excitement of knowing
that this guy was a total stranger… and knowing that my husband could
walk out at ANY moment was a thrill. I had been pretty wild before I got
married, but for the last 7 years, I had done NOTHING even remotely close
to this. I was so carried away, I hardly noticed Allan moving over closer
to us.

Allan startled me with a tap on the shoulder. I turned with a start, and
he lifted me up and into his arms and started to give me the kind of kiss I
had given his friend Tony. I was so hyped up… my heart was beating so
fast… I just practically melted in his arms. It was incredible.

We broke off our kiss and I said “Was that enough fun for you guys?”
with a sexy smile and a toss of my head. Before they could answer, we
heard the shower cut off. Bob would be out of the shower any second. The
guys were both sporting massive erections through their shorts, so I knew
that they had to get inside quickly. I was afraid that they would get away
from me, so I quickly suggested that they go in and change and then join us
for dinner. They agreed instantly. Of course.

Bob came out on the balcony sporting an erection of his own. I told him
that I had invited the guys to dinner. I was afraid of how he would react,
but he took it perfectly. He told me what he knew about the guys being
stuck in Florida and horny, and I couldn’t help but laugh. After all, I knew
exactly how horny they really were!

Bob told me of his plan, and I couldn’t believe it. Here was my own
husband, asking me politely to do what I intended fully to do all along. I
figured that if I was planning to flirt a little, and if he was all for that…
then I could push things a bit and still not get into trouble… I could flirt a

Bob has expressed a fantasy about seeing me fuck another man. I have
always said that I was against the idea, but mainly because I know that,
whatever his fantasy is, Bob probably couldn’t handle that sort of thing.
He likes to TALK about things, but I don’t think he really wants to do them.
It isn’t his fault really. I think almost all guys have some kind of ‘macho’
hang-ups that keep them from realizing what they REALLY want.

The guys came back out a couple of minutes later, and we all piled into
their car. I got into the back seat with Tony. As we pulled out of the
parking lot I looked over at him, gave him a smile, and licked my lips.

Nothing much happened for a few minutes. But then we were driving
through a really dark section of woods. The clouds were covering the
moon, so inside the car it was completely pitch black. Bob and Allan were
talking about the car up front, and the music was playing pretty loudly. I
looked over at Tony, and I could barely even make out his face.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my thigh. His hand was warm. He was
caressing me lightly, as if unsure about what to do. I reached down and
grabbed his arm and guided his hand upward toward my waiting pussy He
knew what to do then… his hand rubbed on my mound through my panties.
After a couple of minutes of this, I was so hot I wanted his finger inside

I looked up at the road ahead, and could see nothing but darkness ahead.
The music was playing loudly enough that there was no way that Bob could
hear anything much. Still, all it would take would be one odd noise, and he
would surely turn around to see what was up. If he did, he probably
wouldn’t be able to see anything, unless the moon happened to come out at
that very moment.

Quickly and quietly, I pulled my dress up as high as I could. Then, I
reached down to my panties, raised my ass, and quietly slipped them down!
I pushed them down as far as I could, but left them over my ankles so that
I could pull them back up easily.

Tony slid over just a little bit closer too me, and reached out with his
hand again. I felt him caress my inner thigh, and then move over to my
crotch. He began to slowly massage my outer cunt lips, until I thought I
could no longer stand it. He then moved his hand a bit and eased one finger
into me. I was totally sopping wet, and the feeling was incredible. I could
smell sex in the air. I closed my eyes and leaned back as Tony began to
finger fuck me. He was so gentle and smooth, and settled into a nice slow
rhythm. I ground my ass into the seat with ecstasy

Suddenly, I felt the car come to a quick stop. I almost panicked. Tony
pulled his hand away quickly and I started to pull my panties back up. But
there was no time All I could do was use my feet to kick them off and
push them under the seat… The car pulled to a stop and Bob jumped out to
open my door for me. I was just in the process of pushing my dress down
when he opened the door. Fortunately, he didn’t see anything too

After all, he did tell me to flirt, didn’t he?

Once inside the restaurant, nothing much of interest happened, outside
of what Bob told you about up above. But there is one detail he neglected
to mention.

Bob got up and went to the restroom just after our conversation had
turned so sexy. After he was gone, the guys were sort of teasing me about
what I had said (about having a threesome with my husband and another
guy). I explained to them that my husband would never really go for such a
thing. He is simply too uptight. Allan took the bait: “Hey, no problem.
Just leave him at home. All you have to do is sneak out of your room late
tonight and tap on our door… we’ll wait up, we promise ” I made some joke
out of it, but I have to admit, I was interested.

On the way home, Allan sat in the back with me. Like on the ride there,
we went through some very dark territory. This time, though, I didn’t have
to waste the time getting my panties off. They were still where I had left
them, under the front seat of the car.

When we got back to the motel, I got the guys to fix us all a drink, but
with no alcohol. I knew that Bob hadn’t had much to drink, so I knew it
would be safe to ‘help him sleep’ by slipping one of my prescription
sleeping pills into his drink. You know, the funny thing is that even while
I was slipping him something to knock him out, I still didn’t think that I
had made up my mind about what to do!

Bob drank his drink dutifully, while I was showing my pussy off to the
guys. Remember when he talked about me sitting in that lounge chair?
Well, I *didn’t* have any panties on then I just put them on just before I
went to bed with Bob… to give him a sense of security.

When we went inside, Bob fucked me like a jackrabbit. It was over so
fast, I hardly felt anything. He just pumped me full of sperm and rolled
over. I waited about 30 minutes, to be sure that the drug had taken effect.
He was snoring loudly.

At that point, I got out of bed and walked out onto the balcony. The
breeze was incredible. I didn’t have any panties on at this time, and I
could fell the bits of Bob’s cum starting to ease out of me… I pulled up all
my courage, turned, and knocked on Allan and Tony’s glass balcony door.

The guys greeted me with big grins and a glass of gin. They had
changed out of the clothes they had worn to dinner and were now wearing
only swimtrunks and t-shirts. I was wearing only the cotton t-shirt
nightgown they had seen me in earlier.

Things were a bit nervous for a few minutes. The television was
playing, but we didn’t really pay much attention to it, and we tried to
make some small talk instead. Quickly, the atmosphere in the room
melted into warm friendliness as we picked up on our flirtatious banter
from earlier that evening.

“Would you like to watch a racy movie on television? They have a pay-
per-view movie that starts in a minute,” asked Allan.

I replied that I didn’t really think that a racy movie would be
necessary… after all, those were designed to put people ‘in the mood’. “Do
you guys need to get ‘in the mood’?” I asked my question with a smile and
a lick of my lips.

With that, I hopped onto one of the beds. I moved up near the pillows
and turned to face the guys. I was kneeling on the bed and smiling. “Does
anybody want to wrestle?” I asked.

Tony took the hint first. He jumped onto the bed and playfully tackled
me. He pulled my nightgown up over my head and tossed it aside
carelessly, leaving me completely naked. I laughed loudly as he wrestled
me down and started tickling me.

“Stop ” I cried out. I was afraid that my husband, Bob, would hear all
the ruckus and wake up! “We can’t make so much noise.”

Tony took the hint again and planted his lips on mine and gave me the
same kind of kiss that make my knees go weak earlier in the afternoon
when I sat on his lap in the lounge chair. Oh, his lips! So warm, so smooth.
I moaned and curled my legs with his.

Allan was getting a bit jealous, I think. He moved over to the other
side of me and began to rub my shoulders gently. When my kiss with Tony
reached something of a stopping point, I rolled over toward Tony and let
him begin to kiss me in the same way. The three of us went on like that
for some time, with me on my back rolling toward one of them and then
the other giving deep passionate kisses.

Finally, while I was back kissing Tony, Allan reached out and began to
rub my breast gently. I moaned and he moved his hands down to begin
caressing my thighs. I moved my legs apart and he began to gently fuck me
with one finger.

I stopped kissing Tony and began to kiss Allan while he finger fucked me.
While we were doing that, Tony stood up and remove his t-shirt and
shorts. I was really getting hot by now, as you can well imagine

Tony lay back down on the bed beside me and I reached over and grabbed
his hard cock. Allan stopped kissing me so that he could stand up and
disrobe as well. Tony took over the job and replaced Allan’s fingers with
his own.

The feeling welling up inside me was incredible. Finally, Tony pushed
my legs apart with his hands and climbed on top of me. He placed just the
head of his cock at my pussy lips and began to rub it up and down gently.
As he began to ease inside me, my breath was taken away. I felt every
inch of him slide into me deeper and deeper, ever so slowly. Finally, just
when I thought that I could take no more, he was all the way inside me.

I looked over and saw Allan sitting nude in the chair by the balcony,
smiling. But I didn’t spend long thinking about him… Tony was starting to
move inside me.

Tony pulled out almost as slowly as he had pushed into me. Then he
eased in deeply again. I groaned and whimpered out, saying “Put it all the
way in and just hold it there…”

When he was all the way back inside me, I began to use the muscles of
my vagina to massage his cock. He just held still while I squeezed his
cock and began to grind my hips up into him I pushed my clit up against his
cock and began to stroke up and down against him, giving me maximum

I felt like I was moving higher and higher. Finally he began to stroke in
and out of me with a steady rhythm. I just relaxed and let him take
control. He pulled my legs up high so that he could thrust more deeply into
me. He pumped harder and faster until I started to have a good orgasm.
When he felt my body begin to spasm, he plunged all the way inside me and
grinded softly into my clit… I exploded. When my orgasm was finished, he
picked up the pace again until I felt him tense and shoot into me.

He rolled off of me, exhausted. But I wasn’t exhausted at all Ordinarily,
one good fuck is all I need. But tonight, with the excitement of having 2
guys available at once, I felt insatiable. I jumped off the bed where Tony
was laying panting, and jumped over to the other bed, where Allan had
moved sometime while I was getting fucked the first time.

Now, my husband just won’t go down on me. I don’t mean that he
*never* will. He just doesn’t like to do it, and hardly ever offers. I
understand that some men just don’t like the idea, and I can accept that…
but they will never be great lovers.

Allan moved quickly over to me and began to kiss and caress my body.
He moved lower and lower until he reached my pussy and began to lick and
suck me there. I was so hot and so sensitive that I couldn’t take it for
very long… I pulled him up my body to kiss him on his lips.

As we kissed, he moved between my legs and began to tease me with
the head of his dick. This was the third dick within 2 hours to enter me,
and the largest by far. I was so slick at this point from the tender
caresses of his tongue that he was able to slip in very easily one slow
inch at a time.

Like his friend, he moved slowly and built to a climax. I began to
orgasm just before he exploded inside me. Now, finally, I felt exhausted
and sleepy. As he collapsed beside me, I smiled and closed my eyes.

I awoke about an hour later to find that the guys were both sound
asleep. I looked around to find my nightgown where we had carelessly
tossed it… unfortunately it had fallen on top of a beer lying on the floor…
the beer had knocked over and completely soaked the garment.

So I had to slip outside in the nude and then into my own room, where
my husband Bob was snoring away. I was so tired, I just hid the soaked
nightgown in my suitcase and climbed right into bed. Bob didn’t mention
my nakedness the next day… I guess he thought that I had just gotten hot
during the night. If only he knew how hot.

The next morning, I awoke to find Bob gone off to his meetings. He
would be gone all day. I knew that the guys next door would probably
already be gone. I got up and dressed in a pair of tight cutoffs and a t-
shirt and thought about heading down to the beach.

But suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. Yep, it was Allan and Tony.
They had been packing their car for the trip, and they found my panties on
the floor of the car. They thought it would be gentlemanly to return them.

Well, to make a long story short, I invited them in and pretty soon we
were rubbing all over each other. Before long, Allan was standing behind
me and caressing me with his hands while Tony was standing in front of
me kissing me. Allan reached down to unbutton my shorts and push them
down over my hips to the floor. Tony didn’t miss a beat and began to
finger me gently. God, I couldn’t get enough of these guys.

Just then, there came a knock on the door. I ran over to the door to peek
out and to my shock, there was Bob It turned out that he had gotten out of
his meeting early, and that he had forgotten his motel room key. To this
day, I shake when I think about what might have happened if he had had his

As it was, I quickly shooed the guys out the back onto the balcony and
answered the door… naked. Bob thought that I had been masturbating and
became very aroused and took me directly to bed to fuck me. I was ready
for it As he entered me, I looked over him toward the balcony door and
saw Allan and Tony smiling through the curtains. They waved good-bye
and I have not seen them since.


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