First Date Sex

Charlene awoke from the gentle nudge of her husbands
hard cock against her firm ass.
John was a tall, handsome man, younger than Charlene
with an appetite for pussy unmatched by any older man
Charlene had ever dated.
They first met at a gathering of mutual friends.
Charlene couldn’t keep her eyes off John, his tight black
leather pants held his bulge firmly in place. He too was
overcome by Charlene’s beauty, her long sexy legs, hour glass
figure and sweet smile. He couldn’t help but want what was
under that short little mini skirt she was wearing.
After a while John asked her to dance. They danced slow
and close, as if no one else was in the room. Charlene could
feel his bulge against her, her clit tingled with excitement.
She could feel the moistness between her legs, and her heart
was pounding so hard she could hardly stand it.
At that moment they knew they had to leave, so they made
their excuses and left.
They got into John’s Vet and started to drive to
Charlene’s house.
On the way, John reached over and put his hand on
Charlene’s leg, he began to explore higher, and was surprised
to find Charlene wasn’t wearing anything under that mini!
She spread her legs, John could feel her hot, moist pussy.
Charlene reached over and unzipped John’s pants. She couldn’t
wait to touch his cock, and it was ready, hard and throbbing,
waiting to be sucked! That’s exactly what she did! Charlene
began to lick and tongue tease his cock, he moaned with
delight! He gently pushed her head down and she swollowed him
whole. John had all he could do to keep his car on the road!
So he pulled over to a secluded spot off the road.
He began kissing her, his tongue exploring deep onto her
mouth.He unbuttoned her blouse and sucked her breasts.
Charlene moaned with pleasure.
John took her hand and led her out of the car, he sat
her on the hood of his vet and raised her skirt and began to
taste her sweet nectur. Charlene squeezed her nipples and
came with in minutes, but John wanted more! So he licked and
teased every part of her pussy, she came again and again!
Charlene moaned “FUCK ME, JOHN FUCK ME” and she wrapped her
legs around his waste and lowered herself on to his cock. He
went in hard and deep and they came together in an explosion
of extasy!

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