Interracial Dating Sex Story

Kate Brookfield watched her husband’s beautiful dark haired employer as she dialed

frantically a number from memory.

“Hello, David ? Yeah, it,s me… Lena Price… Hey listen, it’s all set… Mmmhm !, the little

blonde trick I was telling you about… Eight o’clock, okay ? We’ll meet you fellas there…Bye,

sugar”. She blew a kiss into the receiver.

“So sweetheart, Tell your husband that we may be a little late. Oh, by the mean, Kate, Do

you think black is beautiful ?”…

On Lena prearranged cue, the two young blacks checked the time on their wristwatches. Both

of them were anxiously looking forward to the evening’s events. They were both in the navy,

temporarily assigned to Omaha’s air base. Lena had met them in the song hee cocktail lounge

at the Jade Graden on one of her proverbial ‘nights out with the girls’… And had been

sleeping with both of them ever since.

Don Randolph, the older and ranking member of the pair, a newly made petty officer,

was Lena’s personal favorite. Samuel Pringle, a seaman second class, and Kate’s date for the

evening, was undoubtedly the best hung of the two, but lacked, in Lena’s qualified opinion,

Don’s finesse.

Kate Brookfield’s heart skipped a beat as she noticed the two young black men

approaching on Lena’s side of the car. After some presentation, the two men stepped inside

the car. Kate’s own determination not to give the impression that she was in any way

prejudiced toward negroes kept her from uttering a cry of protest when Samuel slid over next

to her on the rear seat and put his arm around her. There was really no way of knowing if

this whole affair weren’t some kind of trick on Lena’s part just to give herself another excuse

to cheat on her husband, Allan.

It was apparent that her and Don’s so called friendship went more than just a little

deeper than most !. She could see their faces, black and white, locked in a lewd kiss and

knew without seeing that their hands were intimately caressing each other’s bodies. God, they

weren’t even trying to be discreet ! It was horrible to be forced to sit there helplessly

watching what failed, only on the meerest technically, of becoming out and out adultery. And

yet, she was curious too…

She sat immobile for what seemed an eternity, allowing the softness of her body to be

squeezed tightly into Samuel’s houlder and awaited his inevitable first kiss. Without really

understanding why, she had already determined to let him go that far… A last flicker of guilt

flashed through the young blonde’s mind : what her husband, Steve, would do if he ever

found out she’d been out with what he’d call a ‘nigger’?…

As if on secret cue, Samuel let his powerful black arm drop to Kate’s waist, pulling her

tightly to him. The young housewife let herself fall limply against him, her nipples rising

excitedly from the suddenness of his move.

“Oooh, I like you touching my nipple like that”, she heard Lena’s husky voice drift hoarsely

back from the front seat. To Kate’s disbelief, Don had his hand inserted down in the front of

Lena’s dress and was massaging her breasts. She had her back on her shoulder with the mouth

slightly open, a rapturous expression on her face.

Samuel continued to hold her close to him, letting his hand dangle gently over her

shoulder, his fingers brushing familiarly against the tips of her breasts. He was growing

increasingly confident with each passing second, and lewd obscene thoughts of the things he

would do this soft young body. Man, he grinned secretly to himself, I’ll turn this pig every

way but loose !. She’s gonna know she’s been fucked when Ol’ Samuel’s through with her

honky ass !…

There was a low groan coming from the front seatand Kate wanted to look but she

didn’t dare.

“Lena’ s sucking Don off !”, Samuel explained. Kate leaned forward, unable to stop herself,

and got a sudden clear view through the darkness of Lena’s head working up and down over

Don Randolph’s black loins. Hre lips clasped tightly in an oval circle around the erect penis.

“Oh God, she is…”, she moaned, turning back to Samuel and hiding her face tightly into his

shoulder. She hadn’t expected this, petting,yes, but not this !.

The sight of Don’s very large big black cock disappearing into Lena’s beautiful face

was exciting to her in a way she’d never imagined. The very idea of her husband’s boss

willingly devouring the inky penis of a man she’d picked up in a drive-in movie was enough

to trigger tiny empathetic responses deep within her own smooth belly.

Then, another deep animal-like noan drew the young blonde back to the front seat for

still another look. Lena had lifted her dress up over her hips and crawled up over Don’s

slender body. She obviously had worn no panties since Kate hadn’t heard the tell-tale noise of

clothing being removed. The brunette woman was straddling the young negro, the round

whiteness of her buttocks poised directly over the hardness of his long cock. She was

reaching back underneath her body with her body with her hand and guiding him into her.

Kate’s eyes were wide in hypnotized disbelief as she watched Don’s throbbing ebony cock

slide slowly up into the juicy pink lips of her girlfriend’s pussy, making a wet sluicing noise

as it entered. She ground down on it all the way until all Kate could see was a small bit of

the base of the swolllen male organ protuding from the tight moist lips surrounding it.

Kate sat frozen in immobility and watched helplessly as Lena began a slow grinding

up and down movement with her buttocks rising in the air above Don until just the tip of his

rock-hard cock was left inside the warm enclosing sheath of her flesh. Then, she dropped

heavily back down on him, deeply impaling herself completely with each long stroke.

Kate clenched her eyes tight but could not blot out the lusty images. She had never

imagined what it would be like watching two people makes love before her. Their soft moans

and wet suking noises of intercourse drifted across to her ears.

Samuel’s hand ground harder into Kate’s breasts as he became aroused at the lewd coupling of

his friend.

“They’re fucking, did you see them ?”, Samuel breathed into her mouth, as he kissed her.

“Now, what about you and me, baby ?, he whispered roughly and pulled her on her side so

that they were facing each other. He ground his pelvis tightly into hers, sliding his hand down

to the soft roundness of her buttocks and pulling her loins tightly into his.

“Oh, no, God, no, we can’t…”, she whimpered into the wetness of his searching mouth, trying

desesperately to keep her voice as low as possible. Samuel had her in a position where she

couldn’t fight back and he knew it. Hre body stiffened as she felt the young black man begin

massaging the soft white cheeks of her buttocks from behind.

“God, you’re a foxy bitch, he panted. I’m gonna enjoy this little romp in the hay ! Baby, I’m

gonna fuck you good, you ain’t never gonna be happy with what you’re getting at home


Kate gasped and held her breath as she felt the hem of her dress reach the top of her

thighs and his fingers suddenly coming in hot searing contact with the softness of her naked

flesh. An electrifying shock rippled along the flesh of her legs as she felt him slipping a

finger slowly under the tight elastic leg band of her panties.

“Spread’em a little, Baby, Samuel breathed harshly into her mouth, Daddy wants it open


“Oh God, please don’t do it here… Please don’t let her watch us !”, she pleaded softly through

her tears and desire…

Stumbling along in the darkness ahead of the young black sailor, Kate Brookfield couldn’t

deny the sensations of sexual arousal churning in her lower abdomen. Inside Don’s car, the

young blonde wife offered not a trace of resistance as Samuel’s huge black hands slipped

down the zipper at the back of her dress and eased their way up her smooth back. She was

pressed tightly against him, her ripe young breasts smashed against his chest, her whole body

trembling expectantly.

Abruptly, Samuel released her, unfastening his belt and dropping his slacks, then

turning his attention back to the young wife next to him on the front seat. As he turned, Kate

got a glimpse of the front of his shorts in the dim light coming from the screen – and the

incredibly large bulge that strained the thin fabric as it swelled. She couldn’t believe it was all

him… It looked more like an enormous snake squirming beneath the taut fabric, struggling to

get free !.

The atmosphere was electric as the beautiful blonde housewife was suddenly naked to

the waist. Her whole body shook as his wet mouth made contact with the sensitive tips of her

young breasts. Her head was tossed back – her sparkling blonde hair trailing all the way to the

car seat beneath her. His strong black arms locked tightly around her narrow waist as he

burried his face in the softness of her smooth young breasts. He sucked a throbbing nipple

hard between his lips and licked it into shiny erection, then immediately dropped it.

He began to stroke the menacing heavy uncircumsized shaft back and forth in front of


“Do you like it, Kate ? Does Steve have anything like this to stuff in your pretty little pussy


Kate’s eyes dropped again to the massive organ he was holding in his hand. ‘God, it was thick


“Okay, baby, he said, let’s you and me go get in the back seat !”.

“Er… the back seat ?, she hesitated, still unable to take her eyes off the thick bulge in his


“Yeah, baby, the back seat… kneel up so your tits are hanging over the back of it”.

“Are… are you going to take me dog-style ?”, she queried, testing a phrase she,d first heard

the night before.

The big black quickly joined the young housewife in the Oldsmobile’s generous rear quarters,

bunching her thin cotton dress around her waist and lowering her panties, then dropping his

own shorts to his knees. He levered forward from his narrow muscular hips, pressing the

tapering black length of his large penis into the quivering crevice between the twin white

moons of her naked buttocks.

Kate couldn’t believe what was happening : ‘God, she, Kate Brookfield, was letting a

virile young black man rub his penis all over her ass !’. In all her ywenty-one years, she’d

never known such bliss !…

Reaching between her slightly spread legs, Kate grasped the considerable length of Samuel’s

rigid pole and guided it to the pulsing and wet entrance of her sex. ‘God, it’s huge !’, she

panicked silently, ‘I don’t know if I can take it all !’. Immediately, he began a steady upward

pressure, feeling the resisting interior flesh part reluctantly before him. Even if her pussy was

moist with her secretions, the size of his dick was too much for her to allow him to thrust it

in just one powerful lunge all the way in.

“Ooohhh !, God nooo…, she screamed suddenly, your thing is too big… She was suddenly

protesting at the top of her voice. Y-you’re tearing me, your penis is too big !Ooohh God !

take it out, take it out !”.God, she had grossly underestimated the power and the size of the

young black man !.

The young black’s eyes were glassy with lewd excitement as he began to enjoy the idea he

was hurting her. He could stand no more, watching Steve Brookfield,s innocent wife

spread-eagled before him with the tip of his penis disappearing into the hair of her pussy…

He had to fuck her and quick !. Ruthlessly, he levered inwards, feeling her flaccid

flesh absorbing him an excruciating fraction of an inch at a time. The young blonde sobbed,

realizing that she had never felt so stretched in her life and his cock felt as thought it had

ripped her trembling vagina in a thousand tiny shreds as he speared into her without mercy.

And now… Now it lay sunk deep in her belly to the hairy hilt, filling every part of her


He lay still for a moment, his face directly above her. Kate, too, lay immobile, afraid

to move for fear of the pain it might bring. Neither made a sound for a time, then, suddenly,

she felt the thick throbbing deep inside of her as his expanded organ of flesh jerked another

excruciating inch up inside of her already distended vagina. She groaned breathlessly, her face

twisted into a mask of pained lust and passion.

“I told you I’d stretch that tight sonovabitch for you, didn’t I, Baby ?”, he tormented above

her, flexing his hips forward lewdly.

Kate bit her succulent lips against the black’s man painful entry. She could feel his brutal,

pony-like prick ripping up into the innermoist recesses of her interior flesh. She felt tender,

and ravished and raped, but she was determined to beg no more for him to stop as it was her

own damn fault. But, dear God, it hurt !… It felt like he,d shoved a hot poker up inside her !.

“You like that, Honky ?, Samuel gurgled, slapping her quivering dimpled ass. You like

fucking a nigger ?”

Kate bore up stoically, though unable to reply for fear of screaming out in agony. The

young negro was so deep that she felt it would pierce her very heart. After interminable

minutes, she felt the pain within her tortured vagina began to lessen somewhat.

Then subtly, with every stroke of the rampant black cock, a vibrant thrill raced to her

pounding heart. And with those initial delights spurring her on, the excited young bride began

to respond in earnest, her slavishly postured white buttocks slipping warmly back on the

impaling presence of Samuel’s slick black pole.

“Gettin’ to you, bitch ?, he teased venomously. You ever had that much prick stuffed up your

sweet pussy before ?”.

Samuel could see the thin film of sweat that glistened along the fine-boned ridge of her

exposed back and gripped her tightly around her slender waist, and continued to hammer into

her with long delicious strokes. Damn, what a luscious little pussy she was ! So young, so

clean and so tight…

No need to hold back now, she was cumming like a fountain. He felt the load of his

sperm amassing in his balls and knew that he was now more than ready for his own orgasmic


“Like it, slut ?, he grinned down in lewd delight at tha pained expression on her contorted

young face. Like every inch of it ?”, he flexed again.

“Oooohh, yesss… yes !”, Kate cried in submission… In her ecstasy, Kate felt a new pain

growing warmly in her belly as the head of Samuel’s black cock flared into a hugeness that

threatened to mangle her inner organs.

Then, quickly, it began to sqirt. The young housewife could feel the seed jetting into

her wanton cunt in long ropy spurts, again and again. She continued to caress and milk his

huge balls with her long fingers, her body spasming helplessly as his enormous penis squirted

out its completion…

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