Married Girl Love Affair

Not only was it hot, but the fucking humidity was so high that
the slight breeze didn’t dry his skin either. Fucking air
conditioner had the condenser shot, or something. It was
always something.
Damn thing had quit late in the afternoon and he couldn’t get
it fixed until the repairman looked at it in Monday morning.
And it was only Saturday night now.
Norman knew about keys, and locks, and deadbolts. His father
had let him work in the locksmith’s shop since he was about six
years old, teaching and guiding his son.
By the time Norm was in high school, he was making service
calls, re-keying locks, replacing tumblers.
When his dad died, a short six months after his mom, Norm had
taken over the locksmith shop.
He’d married his high school sweetheart, the bitch.
She was never satisfied, always wanted something more for the
house. And she was ashamed that he was a locksmith. She
really felt that she should have married someone of a higher
Never mind that he’d done well, now owned three shops, one in
the north end, one south, and one on Miami Beach, and had just
started a new shop in Kendall.
She still wasn’t satisfied.
He’d slowly, over the years, renovated the big old two-story
house until it was a showplace inside.
Still, she wasn’t satisfied, and Norm, to keep away from her,
had turned a large room on the upper floor, into a gym.
He’d been working out in the second floor room of his
house, pumping on the small weights, getting the sweat
working (no pain – no gain), thinking about his wife again.
The bitch had just about quit fucking, wasn’t interested
anymore, and always either had a fucking headache or was on
her period or something. He’d tried to pat her rounded ass
this morning as she was frying up a couple eggs at the
stove for his breakfast, and she’d moved away from his
patting hand and slipped him an annoyed look.
“Don’t. I’m cooking. Can’t you see I’m busy, Norman?”
The anger in her voice had turned him off. She was always
angry lately.
She really was a sexy looking bitch, in a sullen kind of way,
but after the first few passionate years of their mariage,
she’d slowed down in the sex department. But now she’d
stopped fucking – quit – end.
It had all started when he’d gotten caught kissing Christy,
the wife of the auto salesman next door, at a birthday
party a month ago for Al’s wife, Christy.
Christy was a sexy cunt, and Al, her husband, was a heavy
drinking party type who’d invited them over for his wife’s
birthday on a Saturday night. There had been several other
people there too, and Norm had followed her into the kitchen.
She’d stuck her tongue in his mouth when he’d given her a
birthday kiss when he and his wife had come in the front
door. Norm knew, or thought he’d known that she was a hot
bitch when he felt her tongue slither into his mouth.
His cock had warmed up and swelled while she had slowly
french kissed him, right in front of his wife and her
Norm had followed her into the kitchen later, and had
patted her ass as she was trying to get some glasses from a
high shelf in the cupboard. Her sleek ass, rounded under
the slick material of her dress, had turned him on even
more, and he’d patted the firm globes.
She’d turned her head, smiled at him, and wiggled.
“Like that, don’t you?” she’d giggled at him.
“Love it!”
“If you loved it, you’d lick it!” She’d wiggled away from
his patting hand, but when he’d stepped back, she’d moved
to him and looking up into his eyes, grinning at him.
“Take it easy neighbor. It’s early, and even though I’m
really in the mood, my husband and your wife are in the
next room. Slow down!”
“Just being neighborly.”
Norm had grinned back at her.
“I’ll bet just how neighborly you’d like to get!” Christy
answered him, then had thrown her arms around his neck and
given him another kiss with her hot slithering tongue
thrusting around his.
Just as he was really feeling the globes of her ass, she
pulled free, grinned at him and took the glasses back to
the bar in the den. Norm following, his cock throbbing
Gathered at the small bar, Norm had had a couple of drinks
during the early evening, and had noticed Al pouring the
scotch’s down. Al getting louder, the jokes getting more
raunchy. Al, paying a lot of attention to Norm’s wife,
putting an arm around her, whispering in her ear sometimes,
and Norm’s wife giggling pushing him away playfully, but
her eyes were bright and her face was smiling at the
raunchy jokes.
Norm could see Al’s arm around her, fingers resting under her
breast, slowly kneading, sneaking a feel. Lot of good it was
going to do him, Norm smiled to himself. She looked hot and
sexy, but looks weren’t everything. She’d turned into a cold
Norm had a fresh ice cube in his highball, and had settled
down on the couch, listening to the conversation, when
Christy had crocked her finger at him from across the room,
then putting the same finger to her pursed lips, had
indicated that he keep quiet, and come to her.
He’s set the glass down, and quietly moved around the
standing guests, moving to follow Christy down the hall.
Norm had caught up with her outside the bathroom in the
dark hallway.
“You want something?” His voice low.
“I just wanted to tell you that when you’re working on your
weights at night with the lights on, sometimes I watch you
from our window in the dark.”
“You do?”
“Yes, and as a birthday present, next time you work out,
can you work nude instead of wearing those shorts?”
“You want me to take off my shorts while you watch me?” His
voice almost cracking.
“You’ll never be sure if I’m watching or not, my lights will
be off. Will you do it for me?”
“Sure, if that’s what you want.”
She’d thrown her arms around his neck, grinding her body
against his, her tits putting the points of her nipples into
his chest, his arms around her, squeezing her ass, pulling
her hips up against his groin, when his wife had tapped him
on the shoulder.
“That’s enough! Don’t you think?” Her voice angry.
She’s stalked off, back into the living room, leaving the two
of them.
“Whoops, I think you fucked-up!” Christy giggled at him,
turning and entering the bathroom, closing the door, and he
heard the lock click.
“Fuck her, she’ll get over it!”
His voice soft against the door, fingers testing the knob to
find it locked.
Stupid, locking the door against a locksmith.
Pulling his key ring from his pants, he selected a slim metal
strip of a key, inserted it into the hole in the center of
the bathroom door, turning it slowly, feeling the lock
unlatch. He’d eased the door open, seeing her standing at the
wash basin, putting on lipstick, and he’d moved inside.
Christy had grinned at him.
“I didn’t think that lock would stop you, did you come in to
watch me pee?”
“No, I came in because I need to pee.”
“Go ahead, don’t let me stop you. Need a hand?”
He’d opened his fly, pulling his semi-hard dick out, standing
in front of the bowl.
“Want to aim it?”
“I don’t think so, I’ve never been too interested in the water
“Hell Christy, this isn’t water sports, it’s just giving a
friend a hand.”
Christy had grinned at him, giggled and then taken his roll
in her hand, pulling slightly until he was all the way out.
The feel of her warm hand on his cock was fantastic! Christy
moving the soft skin back from the bulbous head.
“Alright, here I go.”
He’d started pissing, the hot stream splashing in the bowl as
she grew even more adventuresome, moving the tip in circles,
watching his liquid hit the water in the bowl.
That’s when the unlocked door had opened, and his wife was
standing there, with Al behind her, watching Christy holding
his cock in her hand while he pissed.
That had really started all the trouble between himself and
his wife.
Now she was making him suffer, and wasn’t letting up at all.
They hadn’t made it once since then, and she’d been stiff and
unresponsive to him.
If it hadn’t been for the little cunt he’d had while he was
installing locks on the glass doors last week, he’d have had
no pussy at all since before the party.
That was a good fuck. The lady had tormented him with her
body, letting him see her both in a bathing suit, and nude,
and then he’d fucked and sucked her.
If he didn’t start getting some pussy pretty soon, he was
going to go back and fuck her again.
He’d have to look up her name and address again in the
receipts, maybe give her a call and tell her that he needed
to inspect her locks again, and see what she’d say.
His mind had drifted while he continued counting to one
hundred, curling the small weights, feeling the sweat
starting to trickle into his eyes, past his head-band.
Thinking about Christy, he wondered if she really had watched
him work out.
His wife never came into the room while he was working out.
She said she didn’t like the smell here. Prissy bitch.
He always closed the door when he worked out. Glancing at it
now, he wondered if he ought to take off his shorts and work
out nude, like Christy had asked him to.
He moved to the window, looking at the house next door. The
lights were on in the living room, but the upstairs windows
were dark and he couldn’t see inside the upper rooms.
Standing close to the window, peering down at his neighbors
patio, he caught a shadow. Al was bringing a drink from the
bar, and Christy’s bare leg was in view, sitting at the table
on a stool. Norm couldn’t see any more of her, but he could
hear through his open window.
Al’s speech was slurred, and while Norm idly continued
pumping the small weight in his right hand, Christy’s voice
carried to his window.
“Go on and get some sleep, I’ll be up later.”
Al had moved out of his vision and the upstairs bedroom light
at the corner of the house had illuminated moments later.
Norm put the weight down, moved to the hallway, opening their
bedroom door quietly, glancing in, seeing his wife’s nude
body lying on top of the sheet, trying to sleep in the heat.
Sexy bitch, all tousled from the heat.
Norm lightly ran down the steps, out the back door, standing
on the cement, had lit a cigarette.
“Hi neighbor.” Christy’s low voice from over the fence.
“Hi Christy, where’s Al?”
“Drunk, going to bed. What are you doing out here this time
of night, where’s your wife?”
“Sleeping. I’m just going to work out another half hour or
so, and then I’m off to bed.” Trailing the bait, seeing if
she was still interested.
“Maybe I’ll watch tonight!” She was interested. “Are you
going to make it worthwhile watching and take off your
“I will if you will.”
“Deal! See you in the upstairs.” She’d grabbed her glass from
the table and went back inside her house, and Norm flipped
the butt away and re-entered his back door.
He’d slipped off his shorts, leaving his head-band in place,
closed the door to his room and picked up the hand squeezers,
springs clutching in his grasp, corded muscles standing out
on his forearms as he rhymically squeezed, standing naked
square in front of the window, watching the darkened window
next door, only feet from him.
Was she there watching? He couldn’t see anything of her.
There was only a bit of light from the hallway into her room,
and she was not visible to Norm’s scan.
Where was she?
He worked out slowly, watching, trying to make out her form
behind the glass of her window, to no avail. Waiting to see
if she was watching him.
The time went slowly, attempting to get some sign behind the
dark window that she was there.
Norm, moved away from his window, trying to draw her forward
into the dim light spilling from his window.
Finally, pissed that he couldn’t see her, he moved to his
side, and then opening the door, snuck down the hallway to
their dark guest room, going to the window looking out at an
angle to see if he could see her from this dark room.
No luck in the facing room, but his eyes were caught by a
movement in his neighbor’s bedroom.
Christy was giving her husband a blow job, lights on,
blazing, drapes drawn wide open, the room bathed in light as
she crouched over her husband Al, sucking at the roll between
his thighs.
Norm knew she was putting a show on for him, and his cock
rose level with the window sill, watching her attempting to
harden her husband’s meaty cock.
Too much to drink again, his flacid dick lolled around in her
hand, the end drooping over her closed fist, dangling.
Norm moved closer to the window, watching her glance over the
soft meat in her hand at his room, knowing that she was
attempting to see him watching her, but aware now how
difficult it was to see him standing behind a dark window.
Christy moved to the near side of the bed, presenting her
rounded ass to Norm, crouched over her husband’s supine body,
wriggling the rounded globes of her soft ass at the window.
Norm could see the dark blonde hair between her thighs, the
puffy lips of her pussy softly nestled there, and the pink
inner lips parting slightly to show a coral hued band of
swelling flesh.
Her long hair brushing over her husband’s belly as she
attempted to suck him to an erect state.
Finally, giving up her task, Christy, stood away from the
bed, and her passed out husband, standing full in the light
and nodding at his form against the blackness of the dark
Not really knowing if he’d been watching her or not.
Christy left the bedroom, turning out the lights as she
Norm hurried, hard cock swinging from side to side, back into
his workout room, closing the door behind him, to see the
lights in the opposite room illuminate the inside.
Christy standing to the window, looking straight at him.
Norm moved closer, his dick, hard and pounding, pressed the
wet tip against the window, smearing a drop of slippery honey
against the cool glass, staring at Christy’s naked body in
Her fingers dipped into her thighs, moving over the curls,
dipping into the sweet wetness of her pussy, then gathering a
bit of her female juices, drew a straight line of wetness on
the glass from inside her room.
Norm’s cock pounded, the tip wetter now, a line of veins
standing out from the corded shaft as he grasped his cock,
pumping slowly, watching Christy playing with herself, for
His hardened cock, rapidly stroked, drooled more of the
slippery juice to the window, while Christy’s fingers toyed
with her visible clitoris, her other hand moving over her
breast, peaking the nipple, fondling the quivering flesh.
Norm felt his balls tighten, drawing up to the base of his
cock, knowing he was about to spurt his sperm as he watched
Christy put on a masturbation show for him.
The firey liquid spurted, out the slitted tip, globs catching
and clinging to the middle of the window, running down in
streams as his torrent of sperm caught and held to the cold
glass while his eyes were fastened to the junction between
Christy’s thighs.
Her fingers, slippery and wet, glinted in the light as she
moved them rapidly over her clit, then sagging as her orgasm
shuddered her body, moving her breasts in quivers.
Norm’s prick erupted again, more of his hot sperm clinging to
the window, until the force of his ejactulation gone, his
cock drooled the last thin stream straight down, to the
Grabbing his shorts, Norm wiped the sticky sperm from his
cock, tossing his shorts into the corner for washing later.
Raising his eyes back to the window, he saw the lights go
His voyeurs stint over.
Norm, still breathing heavily, crawled on top of the sheets
in his bed, staying away from his wife’s body, turning over
to lie on his side, still thinking about Christy, her body,
and the show she’d made for both of them.
Eyes closed, thinking about tomorrow night, and about how to
get Christy alone so he could fuck her.
His cock slowly began filling again, lying hard against his
belly as he drifted off into sleep.

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