My Kitten

One day, there was a knock at the door,
“Who is it?” came the soft voice from inside.
“It’s me, Johnny” I replied.

You opened the door wearing a bulky sweater made of angora
red skirt and no had just gooten home from work
a few minutes earlier.
“Hi!” I said entering the door..”you sure look beat”
“come here..let me relax you!”
with that i took your hand and led you to the bderoom.

“Stand here” i asked and slowly started to undress you.
i removed the sweater hands running genlty
under neath it…up to your bra…stopping there for a minute..
must move up now as your nipples ar starting to harden..
“lift your arms please kitten” i breathed into your ear..
making the goose flesh stand up..

I slowly removed your bra..running my nails gently over your breats
and nipples feeling them harden with desire…you turned your head
to kiss me…your mouth open, inviting..tongue moist…
“slow down kitten….wait.” i breathed into your ear again,
just touching the outer edge with my tongue.

i run my hands down your sides to your hips….thumbs hooking
into to the top of your dress and your panties…pulling
them down..down past the moist mound of pubic hair…down
past your pussy lips…i stop to inhale your scent.
“mmmmmmmmmm very sweet..I must taste” my long tongue
flicks out and brushes the hair just above your clit..
“OOOOOOOO” comes out of your mouth…you try and reach for me..
“not yet kitten” i breath out slowly…..”not yet”

i take you by the hand and lay you down on the bed..face down.
“where is that flavoured rubbing oil i bought?” i wonder out aloud.
“Oh here it is..” i open the bottle and pour some onto the base of your
neck, moving your long hair out of the way…

i start to massage..first your neck….then your shoulders
then your arms…then your back…mu palms pressing firmly,
fingers working the skin…now down to the small of your back….
now around your perky ass……down to the thighs….
“open a little kitten” i ask….”thats enough!”
i start on the thighs…then the inner thighs….down to the knees
then the calves….the ankles and the feet…
working on the feet….licking and kissing your toes…first the one
foot then the other… starting to work back up….the same way i
worked my way down….stopping only to run my finger nails along the inner
thighs over your pussy and down the other side….doing it a few times.
now back up to your shoulders..

“roll over kitten, time to do the front!”
you roll over, eyes galssy with desire…
” i want you!” you manage to get out between breaths
“not yet lover” I said as i pour more oil at the base of your neck.
“wait I’m not done yet!” i say with a wide grin andi run my tongue over my lips…..making them moister..”mmm i can still taste you on my lips”

i start to massage your neck…then your shoulders then your breasts
which seem to leap out at me….wanting me to knead them..playwith them
your nipples are pointing straight out like an accusing finger…just asking to be chewed on…sucked on…and ofcourse i must oblige…..

your are now purring like a pride of lions……
you reach for me again….”not yet kitten” i say “not yet”
my well oiled hands or now massaging your breasts and nipples…
now the underside…..down to you tummy….hips…….pubic mound..
the inner thighs…i lean forward to give your clit a massage with my
tongue..” when i give you a full massage kitten” i say to you between licks
“i give a full massage”
you are purring even louder now…..i hope the neighbours dont hear!
i stop and continue massaging down your legs…down to your toes..
i cam smell you very strongly now…you are dripping….
“please eat me” you yell “tongue fuck me NOW”
“not yet kitten” i say very very pleased with myself

i hold your hands and lift you up, and lead you to the shower.
nice and hot!!! and i use the big sponge that i bought..
lots and lots of suds…and bubbles…

soaping you all over…….your eyes are glazed with deisre..
good just what i wanted and you grab me and kiss me very very
deeply…..”let me get undressed first” i mumbled thru your lips

you let go and i grab o towel and put it around you..
we go back into the bedroom….you sit on the bed
and watch me get undressed..your eyes making love to every
part of my flesh as it becomes visible….
your eyes become wide when you see the state of my hardon,
hard as nails….
i remove my pants…
your run your tongue over your lips as you see moisture.

i finsh drying you….i sit on the edge of the bed and tell
you to sit on the floor between my legs with your back to me.
” i must brush your hair dry!” i say as i pick up the brush
and start to brush your hair…but you look at me with a little
sparkle in your eye and i am not sure what it means…but i’m sure
i will find out soon enough..

you feel your hair and it is almost dry…
you spin around…placing your hands on my hairy chest
and push me flat on the bed…holding me down…
you bend your head…tongue flicking out…and move in what seems
like the kill..
your tongue is all over my hardon….teasing it…rubbing it
now around my testicles….”YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” i scream
i do not see your other hand reaching for the brush….
THUMP THUMP right on my ass..”that will teach you!”
you say before you return to work where you left off
and i reach a shuddering orgasim..which you suck

“Come here kitten…its your turn” i can just barely manage
to say.

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