Sexy teen nude in front of camera

June 3rd, 2008
Sexy teen
What kind of girls did I pick up? It didn't take long for Sheri to start to respond to her sister' tit squeezing. She reached over and rubbed Sandi's leg where the opening of her skirt showed milky white skin. Sandi immediately spread her legs which caused her to hit my knee and speed the car up. She said it was not her fault that her sister always made her pussy hot and her legs to spread whenever she touched her. It was then that I looked over and saw that Sandi's skirt had moved up and I could see the curls of her almost white blond pussy. I was getting a hard on like I hadn't had for a long time.

Blonde tattooed babe

May 20th, 2008
Blonde tattooed slut tries out
It was late as I had worked four hours at the office after normal closing time. I also stopped at my favorite pub and had two quick beers. I jumped on the Interstate to head home. About five miles down the road I thought the beers had gone to my head as it looked like I was seeing double. There along side the road were two ladies both blond, tall, and well built. As soon as they saw my car approaching they started waving like they were in trouble. I naturally, being the nice guy I am, pulled over to the side of the road. They both approached my window as I rolled down the glass. Sure enough they were twins. I could not have told them apart except for the clothes they were wearing. They introduced themselves as Sheri & Sandi and were they ever knock outs. As expected, they had car trouble and needed help. I checked their car and found there was nothing I could do to help the trouble. I offered to take them to a telephone or restaurant to try to get help. This pleased them and they both jumped into the front seat of my car. As we started off, Sheri reached into her purse and pulled out a flask and offered me a drink of Wild Turkey. I took a swallow as did the twins. It wasn't long after that things got crazy. Sandi reached over and kissed Sheri on the cheek and told her how much she loved her. Sheri seemed a little uneasy as she told Sandi not to say that in front of a stranger. Sandi said I wasn't a stranger anymore and reach over and kissed me. About that time I saw Sandi reach over and squeeze one of Sheri's large tits. I could see Sheri squirm and sort of push Sandi's hand away. That did not have any impact on Sandi as she quickly started to massage Sheri's other large tit.

Sex Equipment

April 24th, 2008

My car broke down on the highway during my commute home. I managed to
pull it over, got out, clipped my scanner on my belt, locked the car,
and began to hitch hike up the road for help. It was cloudy and cold,
threatening rain. I hoped I would get a ride soon. Maybe it was my suit
and the attache case I carried, the fact that I was standing next to a
disabled car. In any case, I got lucky. A car pulled over and stopped
about one hundred feet beyond me.

I ran up to it and thanked my benefactor as I opened the passenger door
and jumped in. “I really appreciate this.” I said. “Could you give me a
ride to the next exit with a service station?” “Sure” was all she said.
She signaled to traffic and pulled back onto the highway. After a few
seconds I had settled down after adjusting the scanner on my right side,
and took a real look at the driver. Exotic is the best word that came
to mind. She was strikingly pretty, long jet black hair, vaguely
oriental, perhaps of mixed race. She was also heavy, almost, but not
quite fat, with large breasts, a big buttocks, and strong looking calfs. Read the rest of this entry »

Delicious Dream

April 14th, 2008

I woke up on the morning of July 4 from a deliciously horny dream, only
to find that it wasn’t a dream. I was flat on my back, on the verge of
an orgasm, and my cock stood stiffly between my legs while my new wife
gently nibbled on it and teased it with her tongue. Her long hair fell
over her head and tickled my stomach, and it wasn’t hard for me to set
aside my misgivings about oral sex and enjoy what she was doing.

My hips had been gently pumping when I woke up, and I reached down to run
my fingers through her hair as I continued to thrust my cock at her
mouth. I was ready to come, but she just teased me, keeping me on the
edge without letting me come. My excitement was on the edge of turning
to pain when she stopped teasing. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Heat

April 9th, 2008

We reluctantly wade to the shore and retrieve our clothes, but we do not put
them on. We walk hand in hand, nude, through the trees and back to the cabin.
Our bodies still tingle from a combination of the act of love just completed
and the cool night air.

Upon arriving at the cabin, we toss our clothes onto a chair near the
fireplace. Our bodies are still damp and she is shivering slightly. She
decides to take a shower and heads for the bathroom. “How about a drink to
help warm you up?” I ask, heading for the kitchen.

“Sounds good” she replies, closing the door to the bath. I hear the water
running as I make us each a whiskey sour. The clock on the wall begins to
chime. Glancing at the clock, I notice the time – ten o’clock. We’ve been
here only two hours and already have begun acting like wild.
It feels good.

A slight chill passed through me and broke my into thoughts. I realized I was
still naked and beginning to feel cold from the lake water. Carrying our
drinks, I headed for the bathroom and a warm shower. Read the rest of this entry »

Sex on a boat

April 2nd, 2008

I see us together, on a boat, in a small cabin below
deck, lit only by the flickering light of numerous scented
candles. The water is calm, imparting only a barely
perceptible rocking to this private world. You are naked;
I am naked. You lie amongst a wild disarray of sheets and
pillows that cover your body in places, only serving to
make me want you more. I push them away as I touch every
part of your body with my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my
breasts, all my naked skin. I gently nibble on your ear
and you feel my breath on your skin. Your sudden intake
of breath excites me more, and I bury my face in your balls,
licking them, inhaling the smell of you. Read the rest of this entry »

My Kitten

February 29th, 2008

One day, there was a knock at the door,
“Who is it?” came the soft voice from inside.
“It’s me, Johnny” I replied.

You opened the door wearing a bulky sweater made of angora
red skirt and no had just gooten home from work
a few minutes earlier.
“Hi!” I said entering the door..”you sure look beat”
“come here..let me relax you!”
with that i took your hand and led you to the bderoom.

“Stand here” i asked and slowly started to undress you.
i removed the sweater hands running genlty
under neath it…up to your bra…stopping there for a minute..
must move up now as your nipples ar starting to harden..
“lift your arms please kitten” i breathed into your ear..
making the goose flesh stand up..

I slowly removed your bra..running my nails gently over your breats
and nipples feeling them harden with desire…you turned your head
to kiss me…your mouth open, inviting..tongue moist…
“slow down kitten….wait.” i breathed into your ear again,
just touching the outer edge with my tongue.

i run my hands down your sides to your hips….thumbs hooking
into to the top of your dress and your panties…pulling
them down..down past the moist mound of pubic hair…down
past your pussy lips…i stop to inhale your scent. Read the rest of this entry »


February 26th, 2008

Janet couldn’t sleep.
It might have been the heat or it might have been her roommate’s snoring
coming through the paper thin wall or it might have been that her
shit-for-brains ex-boyfriend had walked out on her a week ago for the last
time. Not that she missed him. Much. It could have been any of those things.
But it wasn’t.
You see, she had this itch.
It was a very aggravating itch, and it made her restless. It was located
in a very special place, high up between her thighs. It was a very deep itch,
and would require very deep scratching. Of course, she could scratch it
herself, as she had done on several occasions before, but her restlessness
was reenforced by the sound of gentle snores from the room next to hers.
It would be oh so much better to have somebody scratch it for her.

Allen had always been a good friend of hers, but she had preferred to keep
it at a friendship level. When mutual financial circumstances had made
sharing an apartment seem like a very good idea, she had proclaimed to the
rafters that the ONLY thing they would share would be the bills. Allen had
agreed good-naturedly, as usual. For six months and more, it worked out just
fine. They respected each other’s privacy, always one managing to find
something to do elsewhere when the other brought home a date, etc. They grew
closer, almost like brother and sister. Consummating this relationship almost
seemed like breaking a taboo. Read the rest of this entry »

First Threesome

February 24th, 2008

Well, this is it! I finally convinced Sue that a threesome would be fun
& exciting! We decided to go out of town and find a good night spot, close to
a hotel.
We found a hotel with a great sounding night club about 100 miles from
home and checked in. After we got into our room, Sue started getting ready for
the evening. She put on her black garter and panties set, a knee length skirt
with a slit up one side, a tight fitting sweater, no bra and a pair of spiked
heels. She looked great!!
We headed down to the club, and I couldn’t help feel a sense of pride and
excitment at the looks she was getting from guys we passed on the way. After
we found a table and got some drinks, we started looking around the room for a
likely person to share our fantasy with. Sue spotted a good looking guy,
sitting alone at the bar, and asked what I thought of him. I said he looked
ok, and asked her if she wanted me to invite him over to our table. She said,
very nervously, OK. I went over and introduced myself, he said his name was
my wiaaawas wanting to dance, but I had hurt my back and she wondered if he
would like to dance. He said sure, he’d love to. Read the rest of this entry »

Singapore Affair

February 20th, 2008

I heard the shower running and half-awoke, then fell back into
an exhausted sleep. The windows were gray with the first light of
dawn. But then I was again awakened. The windows weren’t much
brighter, but what woke me this time was wetness. To be precise,
June had brought a basic on soapy water and was using a washcloth
to clean my cock. (Remember where it had been last.) She was gentle
and attentive with my tender dick and oh, so meticulous. There was
still some soap film on my cock, but she took care of this. She
disappeared for a moment and when she returned, she was carrying a
bottle of white wine. She arranged a towel like a coffer dam around
my dick and abdomen and used the wine to rinse me. As raw as my
cock still was, the sensation stung and then tingled. Read the rest of this entry »

Husbands Bondage Affair

January 15th, 2008

My wife was out of town for the week, which left me without
much to do besides watching TV or catching the basketball games
on the radio. So when rush hour hit, I headed to a nearby bar and
sat at the rail to check out the traffic, ordering a gin and tonic
to pass the time. It was an upscale crowd – yuppies, business men
like myself, you know the type.

As I swiveled my barstool around, getting a quick 360 of the
clientele, I realized there was a woman sitting next to me. A good-
looking brunette in a well tailored business suit. And unless I was
very much mistaken, she had been giving me the eye.

I turned around, and she was there all right, looking at me with
an expression I couldn’t quite fathom. “Rough day?,” she asked, and
I relaxed and moved into the “office work” routine with half my mind
while the other half tried to figure what she was looking for. She
was friendly enough, and I tuned back into our discussion just in
time to hear myself recommend a little Chinese place for dinner. Read the rest of this entry »

Jacuzzi Fucking

January 8th, 2008

This is my first posting to this group after alot of reading.
I just had to tell what happened when I went to my girl-friend’s
house for christmas vacation. We’ve been dating for awhile, so I
know her family pretty well. She is very close to her older sister
who lives in the same town. Becky, my girlfriend, often hangs out
there during the day while her sister’s husband is at work, so we went
over one afternoon to relax in their Jacuzzi. Robin, Becky’s sister,
greeted us when we came in. Robin is a little shorter and slimmer than
Becky; where Becky has larger curves and large, heavy breasts, Robin
has slimmer hips that run to a slimmer waist and smaller, but not small,
breasts that sit up high and pert. I love women with large, sensual
lips, and while Becky certainly qualifies in this respect, Robin has
the most fantastic lips I have ever seen. They are full and lush, just
this side of being too large. She has large, high cheekbones, so her
lips don’t unbalance her face, yet remain sensual and pouty. Read the rest of this entry »

Pregnant Augusta Affair

December 14th, 2007

Augusta is a JAP (jewish American Princess) by
definition only. She is Jewish and very spoiled yet she has
strikingly blonde hair and soft facial features. She is very
petite with small hand and very tiny feet. Five foot tall
with a proportional figure that fits her height and well
shaped breasts which are small yet round and firm. She is
also very pregnant. Her husband is off on another of his so
called business trips leaving her to fend for herself this
last month before the baby is expected. Read the rest of this entry »

Nipple Erection

November 29th, 2007

Patricia and I met in a popular night-spot, both of us without
a date as we’d watched the other couples conversing at the small,
rather cozy tables.. I noticed she was staring over at me quite a
bit, but I thought “let her make the first move…”

It didn’t take very long before we managed to make “direct” eye
contact with each-other. Her stiff nipples were making it difficult
not to look at her large and well-shaped `tits’, which strained her
bra as they pushed-out there, wanting to be “free”.. As the air-
conditioner was keeping the place very cool, no-doubt the effect it
was having on the ladies was very “revealing” to the men who were
there, as four out of five women had nice nipple erections.. So,
I did my best not to “look away” the next long glance we shared, and
motioned for her to join me at my table…which she did. Read the rest of this entry »

Laying with her husband

November 23rd, 2007

Veronique lay under her husband Roger, riding his swollen
cock for all it was worth. He was prodigiously endowed, a
solid 10 inches, with heavy, firm balls. He plowed away at
her with rigid detachment; trying so hard to make it last
long enough for her to cum. Almost without warning he came;
grunting and sputtering as his hot sticky cum splashed her
insides and ran down the crack of her ass. She screamed,
“Yes, oh, Roger, fill me with your hot cum!” They lay
together, hearts pounding until he rolled off her and drifted
off to sleep. Safe from discovery, her tears rolled off her
face as she sobbed silently. Read the rest of this entry »