teen dating erotic tale

Rebeca’s eyes again opened and focussed on the pole before her.
Her fingers tightened around me, and her strokes increased in
length.  I could feel her quick, warm breaths on the tip of my
phallus and the small drop of my fluid that she had harvested.
Lorena’s free hand went to the back of Rebca’s neck, and slowly
pushed it forward.  The girl’s barely parted red lips collided
softly with my red-capped tip, resting there without moving.  I
felt the young maid’s tongue tip lightly probe at the small slit
at the end, dipping at the milky substnace.  Opening her mouth
further, the young girl lapped lightly, pulling her tongue back
into her mouth to savor my essence, and then emerging again.
Rebeca required no further prodding. Hungrily, her mouth
captured more of the cap, dragging her sweet lips back to the tip
in a steady motion.  Soon, she was capturing the full cap and
drawing part of my broad shaft into her warm, wet maw.
Lorena continued her right hand’s prodding of Rebeca’s young
pussy, but now had moved her left down the front of her own robe,
and was stroking herself out of my vision.

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